Relationship Energy for Monday September 18, 2017 - The Tower
The energy of this card is one that pushes you towards your destiny. It forces you to expand towards your destiny. It does all this against your wishes. It does it by making you let go of the things that you think you need. It may come as a shock to realize they were only a distraction that stopped you from advancing. This card indicate that it is time for you to leave the sitution you are in. The lighting strike is destroying the walls that you have built and kicking you out of your tower. Do not despair what you need was not there anyway.

If you are in a relationship this card indicate that your relationship has become stuck in a rut. The energy of this card may point to  something about your partner shocking you out of the complacency that you have allowed your relationship to drop into. It may make you realize that you are not very compatible. The Tower is forcing you out of the rut and into action you can choose to deal with the issue and grow as a couple. However if the shock is such that you can not continue on then the energy around this situation shoves you out of an unhappy situation, you may flounder for a bit but remember the energy of this card is also directing you toward your destiny.

If you are single the energy of The Tower represent the need to take a good look at why love seem to elude you. You have built a tower around you that is made of fear, it could be fear of rejection or abandonment. Either way this card is your wake up call that you need to let go of your fears. Once you do you will find that your mood lifts and the dating scene will have much to offer you.