A relatively minor update, Feature wise, I did fix some things ^^

So this week I just had a small creative blockage and didn't feel like doing new Stuff, instead I continued some old Stuff and fixed some Issues.

The Stuff I did add since the last Patreon Post was Aqua Regia and Sulfuric Acid based Ore Processing. Now you have better ways to get certain Materials from Ores. Oh and don't forget that Byproducts give tiny purified ores instead of tiny dusts, since a while, meaning you can get Byproducts of Byproducts.

But in order to not let you go void of any new Machines, I did add a Welding Machine, Laser powered btw, so Lasers aren't that useless anymore. ;) It can weld Machine Blocks, Rods and Ingots together. Also the Mixed Metal Ingot Recipe got moved to it.

The Fixes include Basic Machines pulling from adjacent Tanks now. Also the Ender Garbage System now accepts and emits Fluids. And Dye Fluids of the same Type can be mixed with each other to get the mixed Colors.