This Patreon page was born just before I hit a rather chaotic patch on my path. It wasn't a bad thing, just a little crazy - nothing new for me really. But with all of the travel and upheaval and moving parts, I had to let some things slide for a while and this project was one of the temporary casualties. 

Things are settled now. Oh so settled! I have a place to live that actually feels like home. I do have a day job, which takes the pressure off of this project and makes it a little more fun! But the best part is that I have time and space to create again. The juices are flowing and I'm already getting some new projects under way. I also found a stockpile of SERIOUSLY OLD SHIT! I can't lie, some of it is downright embarrasing for me, but I suspect that at least a few people out there would really enjoy getting their hands on some of the music they remember from 10, even 15, years ago. Yikes! 

So here we go. This is the relaunch. We'll start with some of that old stuff since it's right here at my finger tips, and then we'll go from there. I'm glad to have you here with me. This journey is so much more exciting when it is shared! 

I love you!
Thank you!

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