Release 0.9

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and everyone who visits this page. So the long-awaited release of version 0.9 took place.

In this update, the plot continues with Amelia, many new sex scenes, some of which you have already seen in the alpha test. Probably there is no point in discussing the already released version, you just need to play it.

I would like to talk about version 0.10 and further updates, it seems to me that the game lacks more complex storylines, somehow more interestingly connected in one story. Therefore, I want to try to make the next update a little on a different topic, let's say so that the hero finds himself in some situation that is not typical for him at the moment. This will be another story from which he will have to get out, the game is called the wizard’s adventures, so he needs some interesting tests and situations. I want the game to consist not only of sex scenes (although I understand that you really want this), but also of at least some small plot. Soon I will post a roadmap for upcoming updates, as well as teasers of a future version.

Also do not forget to vote.

If you have difficulties with the passage, look in this thread, maybe there is already an answer there.

I want to thank everyone for their support, both moral and material. Thank you all so much for supporting me. Enjoy the game.


Version 0.9.2 5$+ 

Version 0.9.1 1$+ 

Version 0.9.0 Free 

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