Hefty update! 

Improved overall stability, added subtitle blacklisting, new subtitle modifications and OpenSubtitles VIP handling, just to name a few.

Also OpenSubtitles accounts are now actually used in SZ. There was a pretty nasty bug since 2.0, where the credentials weren't used at all.


  • opensubtitles: add VIP server handling + preference; VIP benefits: 10€/year, ad-free subs, 1000 subs/day, no-cache VIP server, help SZ and subscribe via
  • opensubtitles: try to reuse previous token instead of logging in every time
  • core: add throttling between searches (10 seconds)
  • core: fix IETF handling for good
  • core: fix no subtitles being searched in certain situations (when an external subtitle without special tag exists)
  • core: add subtitle blacklist
  • core: fixes
  • core: fix detection of certain PMS media stream language tags ("FR" for example)
  • core: missing subtitles: correctly skip unwanted subtitle extensions
  • core: missing subtitles: honor "treat undefined as first language" option correctly
  • api: add blacklisting endpoints for quickly searching for new subtitls via bookmarklet
  • submod: colors: apply color mods at the end of processing modifications; fix color mods
  • submod: new remove_tags modification to remove all styling tags from subtitles
  • submod: HI: be more aggressive at handling brackets
  • submod: OCR: update en and hrv
  • submod: common: remove "torrent downloaded from ..." lines
  • submod: OCR: fix WholeWord handling, improving modification
  • submod: apply OCR fixes before HI
  • submod: OCR: fix broken HI tag colons (ANNOUNCER'. instead of ANNOUNCER:)
  • menu: advanced: speed up batch modifications
  • menu: add subtitle blacklist
  • menu: recently played: show only TV episodes and movies (music tracks were listed here as well)

Automatic channel update: waiting for merge