So this month we worked on the conversation system, right now it's not quite right, but it shows a bit of how it's going to behave, I added a few characters to the first conversation, and they 'appear' from the left on every single dialog change (it will be only once que'ed eventually when I can figure out the best way to show this)

Also worked on the editing of conversations, heading towards multiple choice questions, and "actions" (such as Character X - joined the conversation - in position 1 - slide right)

Working on an EXE version of the game, for people having a difficult time getting it to run, I tried an old solution that doesn't seem to work anymore, and I tried another solution that firefox told me had a virus/malicious code, so I have a third option I am in the middle of trying but have to change some code for it to work... basically if this works, the game will be wrapped in an air application, and the air application will be published as an exe, hopefully that will facilitate things.

(Edit) -- Found a way to wrap the SWF in an AIR app EXE... I've included it if anyone wants to test it out... It's added a chunky 150MB's to it though, so PM me if you are interested.