Release Announcement: Installment 3 Meets The Wolfman
The Letter Mage #3: The Towers of Ice is scheduled to drop on July 15th! 

In our next installment, Aleph ventures to the Prismatic Moon for his first stop as an exchange student.  Things go horribly wrong.  There are grappling hooks involved.

Because this is a mid-month release, you must pledge by July 13th if you want your name on the dedication page. We're $8 away from another Flash Interlude, so now is the time to pledge!

Keep your eyes peeled for a cover announcement. 

Other news:

Guys I opened up a Tumblr! I had a Wordpress blog ages ago, but I like the Tumblr format better--easier to discover fellow writers. Follow for articles, writing advice, and sketches of other work.  

And finally: happy Pride, everyone!  Special thanks to everyone who stopped by the Iowa Writers' House booth for Iowa City Pride last weekend.  You're all amazing people.  Keep the love alive.