Release date for Library Story 0.8!
Hello friends!

So... we finally decided about the date of LS ver.0.8! The release is scheduled for September 27, exactly one month later! We have already mentioned what you'll see in new version, so we will not repeat that. Although pictures on this poster will hint you about some events in ver. 0.8. Also, there is a hint of what is planned for the next versions of the game;) We hope that you will enjoy LS 0.8! We tried very hard to make our game as best as possible.

As you remember, we had planned to release 0.8 in August, but, unfortunately, we don't have enough time to do it. Not all translations are completed... not added several important events... Some of interfaces are only in draft form now. And, of course, game testing! It always takes time - and this all despite the fact that some bugs will necessarily slip into release version, as is usually the case.
In general, needs to wait quite a bit.

Yes, guys, we're veeery grateful to you for your support! ^_^ And want to say that we prepared as a gift for our patrons an interesting event, which is going to start in the nearest days... Due to this action you can make your own contribution into the 'Library Story'! Really! But ... all the details a bit later. ;)