I'm sitting here in LA at one of my oldest haunts, a coffee shop on Melrose called Stir Crazy. (free wi-fi, password: surfyourballsoff #NoLie) I'm currently posting and updating the socials with all the necessary links and what not, all the while beaming with excitement and pride. I simply had to share it with someone. or whole bunch of someones who have helped me arrive at this very moment with such contentment. I just want to tell you what an integral part of my career you all have become. I love sharing this ride with you guys. I love knowing you're there, that I'm not crazy or that maybe I am and you guys could give a s**t. that somehow this thing works. this never ending pursuit of something magical and intangible at the same time so very real and often unforgiving. bottom line: it's all worth it! it's all so very worth it knowing you're there for me the way you have been this past year, and lets face it, most of your these past several years. may my gratitude for you manifest in some magical and inexplicable way today. gratzi! -Tony please do continue to share the news of the new record: http://bit.ly/TLPiTunes
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