Release of SysV init 2.97

I am pleased to announce the release of SysV init 2.97, along with fresh updates for its companion packages (insserv 1.22.0 and startpar 0.65). This is a relatively minor release, mostly offering some fixes to the testing and build process. The documentation also had a few typos squashed.

One thing I appreciated about this release, apart from the fact it seems most bugs have been found and fixed already so there were not many bug reports this development cycle, is that I was more of a "traffic cop" this time. Some very kind contributors sent in minor fixes, spotted typos in the manual page, and suggested ways to make our testsuite more robust. I was mostly testing patches and slotting them into place. So thank you to everyone who contributed.

The official release announcement is here:

And the new releases can be downloaded here:

Please report any issues to the mailing list: