Release of Ver.0.0.8(patron) and 0.0.7(public)
New verison 0.0.8 changelog:
  • 18(+3 special) old animations were updated with sound effect
  • new character - Fennel!
  • fennel intro quest
  • 2 new locations(shop and bar's toilet)
  • new shop system(now you can buy condoms)
  • 2 animated sex scenes(+3 special)
  • Police  officer Jenny now can help with some quest
  • 14 new static screens
  • Test version of the game for the Android.

10$ supporters can download ver.0.0.8 immediately here: 

20$ supporters can download ver.0.0.8(special edition) immediately here: 

Also, ver.0.0.7 was released for public today!

You can download it here:



verison 0.07 changelog:

  •  Now you can buy Blaziken now and train her
  •  2 animated images for blaziken training
  •  5 video animations for blaziken training
  •  You can summon Blaziken for lewd actions at various locations
  •  5 video animations actions for mallow's hypnosis
  •  New static screen for the final of Mallow's hypnosis
  •  Alternative image for hypnotized Mallow
  •  New button and screen for summoning Blaziken and hypnotized Mallow
  •  New buttons set for actions in the home
  •  Questbook now displays the progress of Blaziken's training and Mallow's hypnosis.
  •  Video gallery update
  •  minor text improvement 

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