Release of Ver.0.1(patron)
Thank you for waiting this big release! 

If you will find any bugs or problems, please, message me or comment here.

Also, I updated  the WALKTHROUGH !

New verison 0.1 changelog: 

  • 2 new characters
  • 16 new animations (3 special)
  • 3 new locations
  • 8 charactes get their informations screens
  • 7 new static images
  • 1 new item in the shop
  • 4th July scene was deleted
  • New actions in the police
  • New quest about Lana and her Mom(you can hypnotize them!)
  • 30 lines of text were updated by my followers, thank you!
  • 1 Bug fixed: Now you can process in talking with mom after completing quest with the wig.
Warning! New version may don't work well with your old game saves! Please, start the new game!

 10$ supporters can download ver.0.1 immediately here: 

 20$ supporters can download ver.0.1 (special edition) immediately here: 

Version 0.1 will be open for public on January 20

 Also, ver.0.0.9  is open  for public download  




WARNING!  Android version can be slow because I didn't convert any WEBM videos. For the same reason, this apk-build have a big size.