Release of Ver.0.1.5(patron) and 0.1.4(public)

  New verison 0.1.5 changelog:     

  • Hypnosis system reworked and shortened
  • Bug of hypnosis of Lana and her Mom fixed
  • Hilbert stamina changed to 2
  • 3 new characters: Gardevoir sisters
  • 9 new animations
  • New Battle system to fight with Gardevoir sisters 

10$ supporters can download ver.0.1.5 immediately here: 

20$ supporters can download ver.0.1.5(special edition) immediately here: 

 Also, ver.0.1.4 was released for public today!

You can download it here:


If your Windows version doesn't run, please, try the version below for x64 versions.!S01hDa4D!FSf81CZBof7V5cZt7wC-40wvORSGWcA6kU2Z72qsmw4 


WARNING!  Android version can be slow because I didn't convert any WEBM videos. For the same reason, this apk-build have a big size.


Verison 0.1.4 changelog:    

  • Costume change feature
  • New costume for Lana*, Hilda and Hilda's mother
  • 2 new animated scenes**
  • minor bug fixes

*To unlock Lana's costume you should complete her hypnosis

**Scenes are depend on Lana's costume 

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