Saturday, December 9, 2017:
This is a significant day as Mars leaves the cooperative sign of Libra (3:59 AM EST) behind to enter the intensely transformative sign of Scorpio. Mars, the planet of assertiveness, aggression, and directive sexuality, has been in Libra since October 22nd.
Keep your eye on how the #MeToo issue continues to unfold in personal lives and in the culture at large. The interest in compromise loses its roots as Mars goes directly for passion, desire, and its own brand of truth.
With Jupiter also advancing through Scorpio, this story continues forward even as it morphs and changes. If you have a #MeToo story... take the time to explore its depth, if only to yourself. It does not need to be a public but give that story the light of day within your own heart. Shed any shame you have carried as it is so abundantly clear that you are in good company as nearly all women share a version of this story.
The Moon is in Virgo throughout the day providing the perfect day to catch up on chores and home puttering. My favorite kind of day!

Image credit: Esperando by Manuel Villamor via Wiki Media