Release V0.1.15.6 [Files]

New graphics:

- Pregnant Dragoness by BeingObscene

- Rose Alraune by BeingObscene

- Frankenstein Bride by BeingObscene

- Female elf guide to faun bard player transformation sequence by Vjeol

New encounters:

- The Wardrobe War (absorption into butt/breasts, various inanimate, tf into horse, tf into cow, male to female TG)

- Wishful Thinking (tf into chubby anocanda girl) by Duhad

- Mighty Small Hunters (tf into goblin women) by Duhad

New landmark NPCs:

- Zac-Kuk the Mesozog Huntress, found at Mesozog Temple City, by Duhad

- Claiborne The Dark Elf Slaver, found at Hero’s Plummit, by Duhad

- Sigeweard the Wildmen Elder, found at Whispering Crevice, by Duhad

- Mariam the Vampire and her Servant Karkinos, found at Sanctuary of the Bones, by Duhad

- Tulip the Elf Bard, found at Hollow Mountain, by Duhad

- Avraham The Dwarven Warrior, found at Clan Hammerhand Fortress, bu Duhad

- Millio the Elven Guide, found at David’s Tower, by Duhad

- Rowen the Clockwork Girl, found at Silent Stone Springs, by Duhad

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