Released! The Aldonn Chronicles Book One Prologue: Special Halloween Edition
When I started this patreon I imagined having three stories running simultaneously, with spin offs and whatever branching from there. With this month's spooky Halloween story released, I have now launched all three books with free prologues available here. If you like any or all, remember to subscribe for only a dollar to read the next chapters as soon as they're written.

Next Time on The Aldonn Chronicles Chapter One in February 2017 

Frank doesn’t know where he is, or where his mysterious new friend came from, but they’re going to have to work together to break out of prison. Also, the King of Capsin gets an unwanted guest while his personal guard is otherwise engaged… with the royal princess?

Next Month on Urban Fantasy Chapter Two Special Christmas Edition in December 2016

We skip November, as I have a comic book in the works called Dakotah Slade that takes place  in the same universe and time as Urban Fantasy. I'll release some art and the script here as I write the second script for my artist. Then in December we celebrate Christmas in Urban Fantasy, even though where they are it’s only February. Expect some gift giving anyway, and a climactic fight in falling snow.