[Released] Locus Gear offers a red colour for shelters!
Our friends in Japan, at http://locusgear.com/ are now offering shelters in red DCF.

I have not see any DCF production product in the history of DCF being used without the outdoor/hiking industry, so this is a first AFAIK.

Looking forward to them posting a photograph of an actual tent that is made with this red DCF.

LG uses the very common 25g/.74oz weight fabric for all of their shelters, which is a fairly thick DFC fabric, so it should have a pretty good solid colour, and potentially have a decent amount of privacy to it.

They primarily make "mid" style shelters, at least that is what they are mostly known for, and you can check them out on their website.

As soon as they post some photos of an actual shelter, I will be sure to repost it here!

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