So I've been working on this little tangent project for a couple months on the sly. Only the Dev team and 2 others know of it, but I just can't keep it under wraps any longer.

I am just about ready to start work on the final pack up and clean up for V19 for Legacy which will be the last update for about 6 months while I turn focus once again on Odyssey. This version will be a merge of all the ULP fixes and additions as well as a revamp of a few major mechanical back end systems to just create a once and for all, clean start system. It will be STRONGLY recommended that you start fresh on a final Legacy playthrough (prior to Odysseys release), and to that end as an incentive to do so I present: 

Relic Hunter:

This addon for Legacy of the Dragonborn and Alternate Start Live another Life gives you the chance to start the game as the guild master of the Explorers Society. You start the game at a small excavation camp west of Whiterun where a small "B-Team" of explorers is excavating a new akaviri ruin! You will also have access to several explorer relics right from the get go (Dwemer compass, Schnieder's sextant, deano's pack, and Alvaro's tools) as well as explorer guard armor. Once geared up you embark to explore the small ruin and recover the hidden relic within: Drakensang!

This new addon is almost entirely complete, tested, and debugged. All that remains are a few voice file inclusions and we are ready to go once V19 is ready.

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued support for my efforts, they are always greatly appreciated.