Religious supremacy, identity crisis and victimhood mentality is the most likely motivation for the attack in Ohio

What it seems to be the motivation of the attacker in #Ohio is not because he is a "refugee".

Most refugees like me are very thankful to have been able to find a new safe place we call home.

It wasn't because he was "Somali" because there is no connection whatsoever between being a Somali and violence.

What it seems to have motivated him is a sense of identity crisis and victimhood mentality.

A victimhood mentality that divides the world into "us vs them".

A mentality that exists within hardcore nationalists and religious extermists all over the world.

From those who complain about "War on Christmas" and those who complain about discrimination even when there is none.

Religious extremists are the champions of identity politics since the begining of time.

Whenever things don't go their way, they claim discrimination.

And when things go their way, they ruin our lives.

There are two ways with deal with situations like this. Either we kneel for them and live like slaves or defeat the ideology that inspires this behavior.

It's your call, it's our call.

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