The Remaining Tapes
So we've got 2k CD's, 100 tapes from 2003 not pictured, 50 broken tapes not pictured and this stash that fills an entire jumbo Rubbermaid storage container that must be over 2000+ tapes and they all have to still be transferred. I've got less than two months until I have to move and don't have the extra cash to ship the tapes with me again, for the 7th time since acquiring them all. Not sure what I'm going to do, if you were thinking about upping your contribution, are reading this but don't yet contribute or simply know a listener who could afford to contribute $1 a month, please by all means make it happen. I can't stay in Texas due to my job related move, I can't fit them in my current car like I did for the last move, I can't leave them or get rid of them, I'm in a real pickle here. Thanks for all of your help!