A Remastered NiM Movie Mini -- Robocop

Join Jason and Will as they discuss the 1987 film Robocop. Originally released in 2011 this is a complete Remaster and Re-edit of the origi...


A Remastered NiM Movie Mini -- Robocop

Aug 19, 2022

That's four NiM Movie Mini's in a Row!

What is Hyperfixation? Hyperfixation happens when you're completely engrossed by something, to the point where it becomes all-consuming and disrupts your day-to-day functioning. It gets hard to focus on anything other than the object of your hyperfixation. You can become hyperfixated on a hobby, interest, person, place, etc.

I think that is the only way to describe how I've been working on the NiM Movie Minis throwing in the kitchen sink, adding stuff I think will be fun. Just imagining what the episode will sound like once I've added everything. There will be times when My Wife or my Kid will ask me something and I pull my face away from the computer monitor and stare at them with bewilderment and ask, "I'm sorry what was that?" My God how long have they been talking to me? I've been so involved in the editing process, painstakingly going over the old recording and trying to tighten up the original conversation. Listening to the original Robocop NiM Movie Mini I wondered if I had edited any of the audio also there really weren't many clips already made from Robocop like the other episodes -- I had to pull many, it was so sloppy then I realized that this was most likely the final episode in our Holiday pack that year of 2011 and I'd most likely been rushing to get it completed in time and probably very close to burn-out. 

Speaking of Burn out, I'm definitely going to take a week off from editing anything I've developed a mystery neck pain and sore wrist no doubt sitting in the same position for hours at a time. While I'm very excited about what I am going to work on next, I'm in danger of burning out big time. 

Listening back to this completed episode I hope that my love for Robocop truly comes through, it's one of my Top Ten favorite films of all time. It's on the list, baby. Listening back I also love hearing Will and I crack each other up, good times. I had so much fun putting this together, it's so much different than what I did with the other episodes but also very similar. It's also hilarious how much profanity is in the film and I love just letting that shit play. 

Now I am begging, please let me know what you think of the episode and if you are enjoying them. I hope it's entertaining and everything but as soon as I post this the yearning for any kind of conversation begins and it's usually not pretty folks. No one and I mean no one says anything in fact I'm pretty sure that no one is even reading this but that's okay, it's healthy to write out our thoughts right?

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for what's to come.

Love, The Jastrom

Join Jason and Will as they discuss the 1987 film Robocop. Originally released in 2011 this is a complete Remaster and Re-edit of the original NiM Movie Mini podcast episode.

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