Remember the Elephant!
Hey y'all!

If you're on social media in some form or fashion, you already know this, but the BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Award nominations are open for voting. Obviously, we want you to "Remember the Elephant" & vote for Heavy Cardboard in the Best Podcast category, but also to vote for the games and other podcasts that you enjoy. While it's unlikely that any heavy game is going to win, getting them nominated may turn more people onto the games, therefore, making more heavy gamers! And please, if you're a member of BGG, take the time to vote. The sheer quantity of podcasts out there are going to seriously dilute the votes, so every vote counts. 

Thanks as always for the support and look for our review of Tramways (along with an interview with the designer, Alban Viard, too) on Thursday.

Oh yeah, we also have a surprise interview coming to y'all sometime this week, too, once Amanda finds the time to edit it. Worst case, this coming weekend. We think that it should make for some good listening.:)

I hope y'all's Monday was smooth and you can go get your game on! 


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