Remember: the core mechanic
In the game Remember you play a warrior with a giant robot fighting memory-stealing monsters. I have two ideas for the core mechanic, but they both involve the diagram in the picture. Over each cell surrounding the memory diamond there is a six sided die. In my first idea, the mechanics are inspired by Kagematsu, a beautiful game which you can find here: The warrior and the monster roll dice at the beginning of the fight, and the monster's dice are hidden. The warrior can gain a bonus die by grabbing a die from one of the cells surrounding the memory diamond. By doing so, the monster gain access to what's written inside the cell (eg: You can describe how the monster's influence taint the memory). In my second idea, the mechanics are inspired by Apocalypse World ( There sould be some moves rolled with 2 six sided die, and by grabbing a bonus die you can roll three dice and keep the best until the end of the fight. I should probably test those ideas to see which one could perform better (maybe none!) As always, I'd like to hear your thoughs: would you want to play it? Do you think it's bullshit? Do you think it's lame? Do you know another game that works like this, or that hits the same themes? I'd like to know.
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