life is like a game, except you only have one life. Each path you take has its own consequences. As you learn new things, you will begin to change your path and how you go about your way of life, but there are rights and wrongs in this world we live in, so choosing the wrong path may lead you to a consequence that you must face and think over. Once you have thought about it. You have learnt something new again and you can move on toward the finish line. With endless opportunities and goals to reach, you have to lead your life on the path to success. No matter what path you choose, there is always a goal. if you've completed your goal, you have a new one waiting for you. Don't make wrong decisions and you'll be able to complete your actual goal to the fullest of your potential. Potential isn't something you can create, it has always been with you, it is stuck to you like glue. Use the glue to make changes in life. Give your potential its meaning. Not one person has not got potential, its just a matter of what path you have chosen, and what path has got your attention. Always be yourself. Don't be someone else, it won't work because you aren't them and you know you aren't them. You have something only you can do in this world.