Reminder: Duckstream 2016

Hi folks! You've likely heard about this on all of our shows, but I wanted to put up a reminder anyway. Duckstream 2016, our third annual streaming event to benefit the Transactive Gender Center, is this weekend. Starting Friday night at 10pm Eastern and stretching to 10pm Eastern on Sunday night, we're streaming 48 hours of games and comedy. The Portland crew has the first 24 hours, and Cincinnati has the second. Use the link above to get all of the pertinent details, or go to our Twitch channel and Follow us so you get notifications.

This has been a real bummer of a week for a lot of us, and I'm not afraid to say it However, this weekend is a party. The community has always rallied around this even, and it's never been more important than it is now. Let's game and goof for inclusivity. Like this post if you agree, and will be there this weekend.