Reminder about May/June pledges and upcoming hiatus
I sound like a broken record, but I just really want to make sure you are all aware (and I know many of you occassionally miss some of my posts, and a couple new patrons have joined recently as well...)

PLEASE GIVE THIS POST A READ! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to comment below, or DM or email me.


1. Today I'm exactly 35 weeks pregnant, and two weeks from now I'll be going on maternity leave (starting June 13, for at least 2.5 month).

During my leave, in July and August, you will NOT be charged. I will manually pause my campaign and will notify you well ahead of time when I plan to return (hopefully in September, but I might extend my leave by one month).

You will retain access to my posts feed. If I publish new content, it'll be available to you for free for as long as you remain a patron.


2. My tier system and rewards structure will be revamped, more info on this very soon. However, these changes will not take effect until September.


3. Your digital May rewards will go out on June 1st. Physical May goodies will be shipped on/before June 13. Regular schedule, nothing new there...


4. Digital June rewards will be available directly from my posts feed (instead of a monthly Dropbox link). June will be a bit lighter in terms of content, as I'll only be working for 2 more weeks. June goodies will be shipped combined with May's rewards (on/before June 13) and there is a bonus reward for those of you who have pledged to both May and June. More info about this here.


5. It's important to know that you can cancel, pause or lower your pledge at ANY time by going here: You can also use this link to update your address. I usually make an export of the shipping addresses on the 1st of the month. If your address changes within the 4-5 weeks following, DM me ASAP.

Please note that while my campaign will be paused, Patreon still processes new and increased pledges immediately. This is kind of an odd decision by Patreon, but I will definitely make sure you'll get what you pay for (upon my return) or offer a refund.


6. I will make a more detailed post soon (within the next two weeks) to explain EXACTLY what you can expect and what these changes mean for you.


Your support means the world to me, it gives me the freedom and independency to create what I love and share it with you. For that I'm incredibly grateful. I will ALWAYS communicate everything (more than once, to make sure you can't miss it) before ANY change is implemented, so you will ALWAYS know what to expect.