Reminder About Patreon Stuff
This is just a reminder on how Patreon, and particularly our Patreon, works: 1) Subscribing to our Patreon does not get you physical goods. You get behind-the-scenes access in exchange for supporting us and all the hard work we do to make our games possible. As a reminder, selling TSSSF does not net us, personally, a single dime. The way we get money is through Patreon, so supporting Patreon is supporting us personally! And we love you very much for it. 2) Our Patreon is set to charge you per release. Please please please double-check that your monthly cap is at the right total. Your monthly cap is the maximum amount of money you can be charged in a month, no matter how many releases we publish. If you have your cap at $500, that means if we're particularly zealous one month, you might have a $500 charge you didn't expect. So DEFINITELY check that your cap is at a reasonable place. You can do this by going: the Horrible People Games page ( > Edit your patronage. 3) If you ever have any questions or concerns, please always feel free to let us know!