A reminder from Ronnie to Dr M

I wonder if Dr M remembers the meeting he had with a bunch of activists and NGOs just prior to the general election when he assured the group he would not accept "frogs" from UMNO.

Well, I remember it because I was there, together with Waythamoorthy. Yes, that Waythamoorthy, the minister.

I recall Dr M calling the UMNO guys "useless" and "rubbish". Well, sir, if they are such useless rubbish, I certainly hope you won't be a rubbish collector and take them into Bersatu.

Dr M has already broken his promise twice, by taking in Mustapa Mohamed and Bagan Serai MP Noor Azmi Ghazali. Is he going to break his promise again?

I respectfully remind Dr M that if he takes in these Sabah frogs who have just left UMNO, it will be seen as a betrayal against the voters who elected to kick out UMNO from the government.

Don't tell me now you want them to come back into the government through a Bersatu backdoor?

I realize that Bersatu has only very few MPs compared to DAP and PKR. I'm sure over time, Bersatu can win more seats. Be patient. Why try to grow big fast like this? This is not the right way.

Do you know at one time PKR had only one MP (Wan Azizah)? Do you know at one time DAP was reduced to only nine MPs? We persevered and we grew organically. That is the way to do it.

If you allow a reverse takeover of Bersatu by UMNO it will ruin whatever good things you have done for Pakatan Harapan. Don't let this happen.

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