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Stuff, part 1:
My (former) doctor has helped bungle up the short term to long term disability handoff to my insurance company, and the insurance agent who is "assisting" me went on extended vacation rather than doing the necessary stuff to get my paperwork in order in time. I've not had an income since the middle of December, and had I not been immensely helped by a wonderful, efficient, effective individual at the end of December, I'd be despairing of ever getting it fixed.

Stuff, part 2:
Red Thread Studios is currently doing some extremely underhanded shyte.
Not only are they accusing me of provably false things, apparently Andrew and Vincent have attempted to perform a hostile takeover. They (illegally) filed paperwork removing half of the founding members from the company charter, and they and their two bit lawyer tried to get me SWAT'ed.

Thankfully, local law enforcement called me first, and I explained the situation and that the lawyers were supposed to be handling it.
The phone call I had with their lawyer that same morning was full of some really messed up stuff, including a threat to send armed individuals to my home to do Bad Things to me.

Also, they won't give me back my computer.

Remember kids, never take away the sysadmin's personal property.
Bad things happen when you do that, especially if you then threaten the sysadmin's loved ones.

The discovery process is going to be extremely uncomfortable for Red Thread.
I have *extensive* documentation.

Stuff, part 3:
About 8 days ago, my landlord got angry at me and terminated my lease.

I'd like it noted for the record that I was the one who made him breakfasts and coffee and helped make sure he was taking his meds, who knocked on his door so he'd be at work or therapy, and I've done countless house/garage/etc mechanical and electrical and construction type repairs. I bought and installed a new dishwasher. I fixed the bathroom fan and set up a dehumidifier to kill and prevent the black mold growing behind the toilet. I gave him construction advice so he doesn't kill himself with the motorcycle winch/lift he's building to fix his pet bike. I even offered to do his laundry so he would have more spoons to keep himself healthy.

And he had the *gall* to say that I didn't care.
To my face.
Several times.

What I said was that I didn't care who's shit was in the shitter, I just don't want to be constantly unclogging it for other people.
That is a very very very specific thing.

He's never going to find a more kind, caring, intelligent renter, ever.
And bee tee duhbs, I'm taking my amazing and easy-to-use toilet plunger with me when I leave.

Stuff, part 4:
At one point in time, I had a partner.

That ended last year.

Former partner and I are still friends and support/help eachother, but they are also in the process of moving, as apparently the solution their flatmates have for being pissed at them for something is "stew about it for months and never talk about it, but push them out the door as soon as possible" instead of communicating about it like healthy adults.

Note that my friend (former partner) is also disabled, and has been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to find a local job that is within their ability.

They also started being really weird about me being around, and finally (on the day I was invited over by former partner for midwinter festival gift exchange, which we did across the front doormat, and then we hugged and I left) sent me threatening text message(s) and told me that if I ever showed up again, they would call the police.

Needless to say, the situation is rather stressful for my friend, and I'm doing what I can to help, but her landlady has stated that she will absolutely not accept money that is "from Tessa".

Stuff, part 5:
I kinda sorta got my room organized?

idk that was just a lot of heavy stuff, and it's not...all bad.