Remixing "Latté Days & Porter Nights"
On friday, Runtt and I recorded a whole new drum track for Latté Days & Porter Nights, the final song on my 2005 album Beer & Coffee. Thanks to the support of my Officers Club, I'm able to pay Runtt for his time and talent (though still not quite enough to go to Mad Oak to record drum tracks… we're getting there).

Today, I'm going to start the mixing process to (hopefully) work towards a complete overhaul of B&C. I received a lot of comments from folks who said they'd love to see the album re-done in something other than Garageband. And, even though I had a real drummer (the amazing Andrew Dickson) play most of the drum parts, everything but Wasting My Time was done with an electronic drum kit.

Latté Days & Porter Nights didn't even have that luxury… I played that one on the keyboard using one of Garageband's built-in drum kits. Time to fix that.

I'll be streaming the remixing process at sometime today, so keep an eye on my Twitter account for when I start the feed!

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