Remove "God" from the Canadian National Anthem
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The phrase "God keep our land glorious and free" was not in the original version of O Canada. The original version had zero religious references. Let's use the original version and keep our anthem secular. What about people of other belief systems (like Buddhists and Hindus) or non-believers, atheists, and agnostics?

Canada is a diverse nation in many ways... ethnically, culturally, and spiritually.

Nobody should feel excluded from Canadian National Pride! Let's include everyone when we sing our national anthem.

Did you know this original version from 1928 had no reference to a god? The official and altered English version includes changes recommended in 1968 by a Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons. This altered version contains the God reference.

Our anthem should unify Canadians, not divide us. How would you feel if the Canadian National Anthem favoured a group you are not part of? What if the lyrics went like this: "White people keep our land, glorious and free..." Wouldn't that upset people of various ethnic groups? That's not very inclusive is it? Let's include everyone of all belief systems equally and make our anthem truly secular. Let's reserve "God" for the church and religious venues, not public spaces.

Please join our cause. Once we have enough likes, we will take this to the government and rally for change!

Share this video, like our page, and let's unify our nation even more and at the same time, bring back the original AND BEAUTIFUL version of O'Canada!