Renaissance Dress Spotlight & Announcement - McCall's M7763
Early access, kind of? I've been so concerned with filming Sewing through the Decades videos that I've been neglecting the uploads in between those! 

One of this weeks goals is getting on top of that and keeping up with my promise of early access a week in advance...not 12 hours. 

Anyway! Todays video is an announcement/spotlight mashup where I talk about my newest Renaissance dress...which also happens to be my newest McCall's pattern (eep!)

Renaissance costumes are near and dear to my heart since they are what got me into historical sewing in the first place. It all started with some Sakizo artwork (anyone been following me long enough to remember that?!) and after watching The Borgias I was hooked.

This pattern comes in size 6-22 and will help fulfill any 1530's fantasies you may have!

I needed some extra footage for the video, so I have a few pictures of me in it outside...

And a whole bunch from St. Marks Church. Taking these was officially the longest amount of time I have spent in a church in my life.

It wasn't quite the 16th century Italian architecture I had hoped to find, but it was still nice, and I really appreciate them letting us photograph this there!

I'll post the full set with a coordinating blog post soon, but I feel like this is enough for now!

Next week will hopefully be the promised hat tutorial. 

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