Rendering Out All Resolutions
You don't know what that means, but I'll tell you: We're finally gearing up for the release of ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 - sweet, right? This update has taken longer than any other so far ... I mean, working on the frozen ice was less trouble than the llamas, and when you see them you may understand why.

By gearing up I mean, "we'll be releasing in a week". We've still got fifteen blankets or "decor" and shulker shells to draw. This stuff takes time, and Tumbleberry's laptop, though fast, has a hard time with all those vectors. I'm talking about several hundred in each image, and after the first fifty Inkscape starts to make the most innappropriate noises and dissappears without notice.

That's why I've decided to build her a new desktop. She made the switch to a laptop last year when it just was the most logical thing to do, but it doesn't have the performance overhead to handle her artwork. Inkscape isn't optimized, either, and nor does it support GPU acceleration, so that's a problem, but I can address it.

Yes, we're looking at Illustrator again, and this time I have a subscription to Creative Cloud. It looks like a very different beast, and there are things we can't do in Illustrator that Inkscape makes easy, but ... we're playing with it.

All in all, good news.