Renegade Robot 00003 - Tamashi
(cover art: Tamashi is hogging the cover while Bolt and Fighter are pushed to the back, Bolt looks annoyed)

(scene: Bolt is still staring into the chamber having just watched his fellow Maintenancebots melted into slag, he looks furious)

Bolt: Not again… This is just like before…

(flashback: a bunch of Maintenancebots are being dropped into a pit that slides down, there are a bunch of saws at the bottom of the slope)

Scientist 1: So we’ve no more use for these machines, have we?

Scientist 2: No. They need to be discarded so we can make room for the future. The new models can withstand the pressure of 1450°c for up to three times as long as these units could. (he’s standing next to a deactivated Bolt, he clanks on his chest) I mean look how worn down and dilapidated some of them have become. They could function in 1450°c, but eventually it affects their core and they start to malfunction. It’s better to dismantle them so their components can be recycled. (he pushes Bolt into the pit on top of the other robots, then presses a switch which starts the machine, the saws start grinding up the robots on the bottom sending sparks everywhere, the two scientists leave the room, Bolt moves closer and closer towards the saws as the robots in front of him are destroyed one by one, a spark hits him in the face and suddenly he activates, he sits up, confused)

Bolt: (holding his head) What the heck have I been doing? (he looks around at the saws right next to him) EAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (he tries desperately to climb over the other robots behind him as the saws nip the bottom of his feet) WHAT’S GOING ON!? I DON’T UNDERSTAND! (he climbs up as the pile of robots starts to move around and more of them topple almost burying him) Hey! Everyone wake up! (he grabs one and shakes him) Hey! (its head falls off) …AAAAHHHH!!! (he starts jumping over the robots and running over them as they all get torn apart by the saws, he jumps onto the ledge and out of the pit, he turns around and watches as the last few robots disappear, he stares in shock at the empty pit, nothing left in there but a few nuts and bolts and the splatter of oil from the robots) …They’re dead. They’re all dead. I’m the only one left. (after a while, he hesitantly runs out the room) I’m not staying here to die! I’m escaping! (he runs round a corner and whacks his head on a pipe sticking out from the wall) ACK! (he falls over deactivated, the scene goes black, after a while, two different scientists walk down the hall and find him, Bolt drifts in and out of consciousness as they talk)

Scientist 3: Huh? I thought all the Maintenancebots were destroyed already.

Scientist 4: They must have forgotten about this one. Shall we dispose of it?

Scientist 3: Nah, it’s too much trouble to power up that machine again now, and it’s getting late. Let’s just send it to the scrapyard… (flashback over)

(Bolt is still staring at the melted remains of his former comrades)

Bolt: …I’m so useless. I let my brothers die the first time I was in the factory, and I just let it happen again before my very eyes. (he punches the wall in anger making a dent) NUTS! I’m not good enough to be a robot! Like a coward I climbed over them and pushed them aside to save myself!

Fighter: Awaiting orders, Sir.

Bolt: (turns around and looks at him, his face turns to a determined look) Lets kill the bastard who did this! No more messing around! (points to a wall) Fighter! Destroy that wall!

Fighter: As you command. (his arm turns into a cannon and he blasts the wall open, scientists in the building run around screaming as Fighter walks out into some kind of research lab, Bolt walks in behind him through the dust looking impassioned, a scientist is running towards the door on the other side of the room)

Bolt: Human, come here! (the scientist trips over and scrambles trying to get back up) DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME!!!??? I SAID COME HERE! (a bolt of yellow and blue energy shoots out of his hand again and zaps the scientist subduing him, Bolt walks up to him and grabs his coat) Take me to the guy in charge, NOW!!!

Scientist: Okay! Anything you want!!!

(scene: Tamashi is in a coffee shop called Starbots, she’s sitting in the corner by the window staring out at the people and robots walking past as she slowly stirs her cup of coffee with a distant and sombre look in her eyes)

Tamashi: (thinking) Where am I… supposed to go? I can’t go home. I thought enough time would have passed by now, but if today’s events are anything to go by it means Dad and Keith still haven’t forgiven me. Why does my past always have to come back to bite me? This is the third job I’ve been fired from. There’s a dark cloud of misfortune hanging over my head… (two girls at the table behind Tamashi are looking at her while whispering and giggling)

Girl: You do it.

Girl 2: No you!

Girl: Okay! Okay! (the girl gets up and walks over to Tamashi; while trying not to laugh) Excuse me, my friend wants to know, are you a boy or a girl? (her friend sniggers arrogantly; annoyed and insulted, Tamashi pushes past her and leaves the shop as the two girls burst into hysterics; as Tamashi walks down the street, she takes some papers out of her overall’s pocket)

Tamashi: This should probably be the last thing on my mind right now (shows that she’s looking at some information about Bolt) but I just have to find out what is up with that robot. (she looks up, she’s standing at the entrance to the cement factory) This should be the place.

(scene: Bolt, Fighter and the scientist are standing at the end of a long hallway, Bolt has got the scientist by the scruff and has been dragging him along)

Bolt: (pointing down the hall) Down here?

Scientist: (nervous) Y… Yes…

Bolt: Thanks. (he lets go of the scientist and he falls to the ground; he peers around a corner down the hallway, it’s filled with attackbots scanning the area)

Bolt: Okay Fight, just repeat it exactly like I showed you.

Fighter: As you command, Sir. (he walks out in the hallway) HEY! (the attackbots all transfix their graze at him; long silence) “Is this a cactus farm? Because all I see are a bunch of pricks!”


Attackbots: INTRUDER! INTRUDER! (Fighter runs down the hallway and the attackbots chase after him, with the coast clear, Bolt runs out)

Bolt: Hee-hee! Cactus tactic success!

(inside the office, a fat middle aged balding man wearing a suit and hiding behind his desk, Bolt breaks the doors down and walks in)

Flannel: AAAHHH!!! (he claps three times but Bolt continues to walk towards him; confused) What!? (tries clapping three times again but to no avail; he shakily takes out a handgun and fires at Bolt but the bullet simply ricochets off his forehead and hits photo frame on a bookcase knocking it onto the floor, before he can reload Bolt grabs him by the throat and shoves him up against the wall)


Flannel: (terrified) Why should I!? You look exactly like all the other Maintenancebots! Why am I even conversing with a machine!?

Bolt: (clamps down tighter on his throat) You killed my brothers! My fellow robots! There’s oil on your hands, human!

Flannel: I haven’t done anything!

Bolt: Liar! It’s the guy in charge that makes decisions about replacing robots and discarding them, isn’t it?

Flannel: Well, that’s true, but-

Bolt: And you’re the guy in charge, aren’t you? Therefore you killed them!

Flannel: You can’t kill things that aren’t alive!

Bolt: WHAT!?

Flannel: W-What I mean is you’re mistaken! You’ve got the wrong guy! I’m not the boss! I’M NOT THE BOSS!!!

Bolt: Huh? Yeah right! I’m not falling for that! Just take your punishment like a man!

Flannel: I’m not lying! The boss is someone else! I’m just the front man everyone thinks is the boss because the real guy doesn’t want people to know his face! It’s the truth! HONEST! (long silence; Bolt drops him to the ground and the guy puts his hand to his bruised throat and starts coughing)

Bolt: Who’s the real boss?

Flannel: His name is Frederick. He lives in the apartment complex next to the factory.

Bolt: You got lucky. But I still don’t like you. (turns around and begins to walk out the room, as he does the guy gets up and starts frantically pressing buttons on a control panel on the wall behind him; Bolt stops and starts to talk to himself without realizing that the guy is up to something) This is getting ridiculous. I go all the way to the mayor, only to find out he’s not the one. Then I come back here to this guy, and find out he’s not the right person either. I feel like I’m on a wild goose hunt! (the wall behind him opens to reveal a giant red mecha-robot, the guy hurries and tries to climb inside, Bolt still completely oblivious) Wait, is ‘hunt’ the right word? Come to think of it, I’m sure it’s ‘chase’. But why would I be chasing geese? You know a human came up with that turn of phrase. (the giant shadow of the mecha looms over Bolt, he looks around) Huh? (a giant hand grabs him)

Flannel: GOTCHA!!!

Bolt: WAAAHHH!!!

Flannel: Idiot! I am the boss-man! If you robots had emotions you’d be able to tell when someone’s spinning you a line!

Bolt: Nuts! Curse me and my long soliloquies!

Flannel: Now to crush the last KX-Maintenancebot into powder, thus ending your obsolete line! (he controls the other hand of the mecha and tries to squash Bolt between its hands) Hehehe! …Huh!? (Bolt is pushing hard to stop himself from behind crushed between the hands)

Bolt: I won’t die so easily!

Flannel: “Die”!? How could you die when you were never alive to begin with!? (thinking) Seriously, what is up with this robot’s programming!? It’s a good thing I had those other KX models destroyed; this could be the result of a dormant virus that was in their circuitry! (Bolt is getting more and more enraged)

Bolt: I am alive! Robots are alive! We may not breathe! We may not have beating hearts pumping blood around our bodies! But we do have souls! We do feel pain! WE DO HAVE FREEWILL!

Flannel: Ludicrousness. Pure ludicrousness. (he makes the hands push even harder, nuts and bolts start to pop off and fall from Bolt’s body, he looks like he’s about to crack when something suddenly blows a hole in the mecha’s chest) AAAAHHHH!!! (the mecha falls backwards dropping Bolt, he looks up to see Fighter standing in the doorway with both his arms as guns)

Fighter: Reporting for duty, Sir.

Bolt: (happy) Fighter! You saved my life! You’re a hero!

Fighter: Does not compute.

Bolt: Err, never mind. (thinking) I didn’t order him to do that!

Flannel: (making the mecha get up) You damn tin can! (a giant cannon appears from its chest) TAKE THIS!!!

Bolt: Oh no! Look out! (he fires creating a huge explosion; outside the building it can be seen by Tamashi as scientists are running away)

Tamashi: What’s going on!?

(inside, Bolt is lying on the ground under some rubble, the mecha jumps down onto his level, Bolt tries to get up but he’s buried under too much debris to move)

Flannel: A mere tool thinking it’s got the same rights as a human!

Bolt: (thinking) Nuts! I can’t move! (Flannel goes to whack him with the mecha’s hand but Fighter jumps in the way and pushes it back) Fighter!

Flannel: A Guardbot 4000? I’ve read up on your model. Even if you are an advanced piece of engineering you still can’t beat my mech!

Fighter: Sir, I’ve scanned our opponent, assessed the situation and weighed up all our options, and I have one attack in stock capable of defeating him.

Bolt: Really? Well use it!

Fighter: As you command. I shall now activate ‘Self-Destruction Sequence 555021’. (Bolt looks confused)

Bolt: Self-Destruct…? What are you talking about, Fight?

Fighter: If I detonate myself there’s a 99.02% chance that he will be destroyed along with me.

Flannel: (scared) WHAT!?

Fighter: Initiating ‘Self-Destruction Sequence 555021’. (he begins to glow, a clock shows up on his screen counting down from 30 seconds)


Fighter: It is the most logical way to defeat him. I am a robot that is programmed to destroy myself if my master’s life is in immediate danger. Before the destruction sequence counts down, I will make sure to move the fight to a safe distance so you are not hurt, Sir. (the clock is now down to 25 seconds)

Bolt: …The most logical way?

Fighter: Activate blade runners! (blades come out of his elbows and he attacks Flannel’s mecha with them, spinning and scrapping against its chest)

Flannel: (thinking) Crap! It’s gonna blow itself up and take me with it!? (looks around) Where’s the ejector switch!?

Bolt: (watching Fighter move him away) The most logical way? …THAT’S THE LEAST LOGICAL THING I’VE EVER HEARD!!!

To Be Continued…