Renegade Robot 00004 - Self-Destruction Sequence 555021
(Bolt’s Fact File: Next to a picture of Bolt there is a fact file about him)

Name: Bolt

Model: KX-Maintenancebot

Serial No.: 22074

Bolt worked in a cement factory for years until his brand of robot was declared obsolete. He suddenly gained reason seconds before going into the shredder, and escaped. Watching his fellow robots destroyed at the hands of selfish humans has caused Bolt to develop a deep-seeded hatred for them. He currently seeks revenge on all humans that have wronged robotkind in some way or another.

(scene: Fighter is fighting against Flannel’s giant mecha in the rapidly collapsing cement factory, Bolt is watching still trapped underneath a pile of rubble, he’s trying desperately to push it off himself, Fighter’s countdown is now down to 20 seconds, he pushes Flannel through a wall into another room)

Flannel: (panicking while desperately trying to get his mecha to fend Fighter off; thinking) This is bad! I don’t want to die at the hands of a machine! I’m getting out of here! (he bashes a button but nothing happens) Huh? (he keeps bashing it with his fist) Why isn’t the ejector seat working!? A malfunction!? At a time like this!? (Fighter punches through the glass on the front of the mecha) AAAAHHHH!!! STAY AWAY!!! (Fighter’s clock is now down to 15 seconds; Bolt is still trying desperately to push the giant hunk of rubble off him in the other room)

Bolt: Come on! Move! (his hands light up yellow and blue and suddenly blast the rubble into dust; slightly taken back) Huh? (snaps out of it, quickly gets up and runs over to where the fighting is happening) FIGHTER!

Fighter: (the clock has gone down to 10 seconds) Self-Destruction in 10, 9, 8… (Flannel looks petrified, snot and tears are running down his face; Bolt runs in)


Fighter: My apologies, Sir. It is too late to terminate the procedure now, bar an emergency shutdown. Please hurry and evacuate. 5, 4…

Bolt: STOP IT NOW!!!

Fighter: 3, 2, 1… (lights begin to come out of Fighter, he starts to beep, suddenly, Flannel claps three times and Fighter starts to power down, everything goes silent, Bolt lowers his arms and sees Fighter standing there, motionless)

Bolt: …Fighter?

Flannel: (breathes a sigh of relief) It… It worked. Oh, what good fortune. I didn’t expect the Clapdrop would work after it failed on that other wayward bot; I guess luck was on my side. It’s a good thing I heard the word “shutdown” when I did.

Bolt: (walks in front of Fighter and waves his hand in front of his face) Fighter? Stop joking around. Say something. (worried; Fighter is standing there like a statue, he’s been completely deactivated) What’s wrong with you? (he hears Flannel behind him)

Flannel: Phew, that was too close for comfort. (Bolt gets angry; hand on his heart) I thought I was a goner for sure! (Bolt suddenly jumps up on top of the mecha and stands over him) AAAAAAHHHHH!!! (Bolt grabs him by his jacket)


Flannel: AAAHHH!!! Don’t hurt me! (Bolt throws him across the room into the broken bookcase, he jumps down from the mecha and starts walking towards Flannel enraged, fists clenched, Flannel backs up into the wall, nowhere to run)

Bolt: (his arms start to light up and the blue and yellow lightning starts coming off him) You bastard! I’ll kill you! I’LL KILL YOU!!!

Flannel: (hands in front of his face; whimpering) Pleeeeeaaaase… (Bolt grabs him and gets ready to punch him)

Bolt: How dare you do this to Fighter! (Flannel is crying like a little baby, Bolt brings down his fist towards his face ready to beat him to death when he suddenly stops an inch before his nose having spotted something lying in the rubble next to him, it’s a photo in a smashed picture frame with a bullet in it, he picks it up and looks at it, the picture is of Flannel with a woman and two kids, a boy and a girl) …The people in this picture, are they your family? (no reply) WELL!?

Flannel: (scared) Yes! Yes it is! (Bolt stares at the photo, then sighs, stands up and throws the picture at Flannel, he starts to walk away)

Bolt: You’re lucky you have kids, because I really want to kill you. (turns his head to look at him) But if you ever harm a robot again, I will find you. Understand?

Flannel: (terrified) Y-Yes. (Bolt walks over to Fighter’s deactivated body, Flannel faints, he tries to pick Fighter up but he’s twice his size and very heavy, he struggles to carry Fighter’s body out of what remains of the cement factory, falling over a few times under Fighter’s weight, but he keeps on pulling his body with him)

(scene: outside the cement factory, Tamashi is starring at the remains of the building, smoke coming off it)

Tamashi: What a disaster… (she notices Bolt pulling Fighter’s body out from a hole at the side of the factory) It’s that robot! What’s it doing here? (Bolt is really struggling to carry Fighter, so much so that screws and bolts are popping out of his body under the pressure, Tamashi runs up to the corner of the factory and looks around, she watches as Bolt strives to pull Fighter out of the building) What is it doing? (oil starts to leak from Bolt’s body, suddenly his arm comes loose and his feet break, weakened from when the metal melted slightly in the room where the Maintenancebots were destroyed; he collapses, dropping Fighter)

Bolt: (unable to get up) Nuts! I can’t feel my legs! It hurts! It hurts!

Tamashi: (walks up to him on the ground) It hurts? But you’re a robot.

Bolt: (looks up at her) You again? Get lost! You’ll never take me alive, human!

Tamashi: (thinking) What’s wrong with this unit? I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s almost as if… it’s developed reason… (thinking over) Wait! Did you destroy this factory just now!?

Bolt: Shut up! Go away! (Tamashi looks down at Bolt lying broken on the ground; she remembers what Ignasiak and Xylr said to her)

Ignasiak: There’s no telling what a wayward robot like that is capable of. That machine is dangerous and needs to be shut down.

Xylr: It’s not like they’re living creatures.

Tamashi: (sighs) I must be crazy. (she puts down her backpack and takes out a spanner and some other stuff, she starts examining Bolt’s leg)

Bolt: What are you doing? Don’t touch me with your flesh and blood hands!

Tamashi: (annoyed) I’m trying to fix you up!

Bolt: I don’t trust you! You humans are all deceptive!

Tamashi: Oh be quiet, or I’ll leave you here! (she starts screwing some things into Bolt’s leg with her spanner)


Tamashi: SHUT UP! (she hits him on the head with her spanner)

Bolt: OUCH! (same scene later, Tamashi has fixed Bolt up somewhat, but he still looks worn out and rusty, he’s examining his joints)

Tamashi: There, I’ve done the best I can, but your body won’t last long without some serious tune-ups, especially with the way you fail to maintain yourself.

Bolt: (stands up) I can move. You repaired me, even though you’re a human. Why? You didn’t put a bomb in me, did you?

Tamashi: (annoyed) Of course I didn’t! To be honest, you interest me.

Bolt: (sceptical; confused) Err, what do you mean by that?

Tamashi: You’re not a living, feeling creature. You have no heart, no brain-

Bolt: Watch it, human!

Tamashi: Yet you display all the characteristics of a living creature, and you were even able to get the Guardbot to follow your orders. As a mechanic I find that very intriguing. If possible, I’d like to open you up and take a look at your circuitry.


Tamashi: I’m sure this is all down to some kind of programming error or- (Bolt suddenly takes her hands) Huh?

Bolt: Thank you, for patching me up. Even though you’re a human, one good turn deserves another. I’ll pay you back one day. (he walks over to the wall)

Tamashi: Erm… (Bolt takes a shovel leaning against the wall and starts digging a hole; confused) Err, what are you doing?

Bolt: Digging a grave.

Tamashi: A grave?

Bolt: Yeah, I need to give Fighter a proper burial.

Tamashi: Fighter? You mean the Guardbot 4000? What’s wrong with it?

Bolt: Can’t you tell from looking at him? He’s dead.

Tamashi: (sighs) Honestly. (she clicks her fingers three times, Fighter starts to power back up, he reactivates, Bolt looks shocked)

Fighter: Awaiting orders, Sir.

Bolt: (happy) Fighter! (runs around him checking him) You’ve come back to life! How did you do that?

Fighter: Does not compute.

Tamashi: Robots don’t die, he’d just been deactivated. When you clap your hands three times a robot powers down and when you click your fingers three times it powers on. But for some reason this doesn’t work on you, another reason why you’re so extraordinary.

Bolt: You’re like some kind of sorcerer! You’ve brought Fighter back to life! Now I owe you double-time!

Tamashi: (annoyed) Did you listen to a word I just said!?

Bolt: Oh, before I forget. Fighter!

Fighter: Yes Sir.

Bolt: Why did you try to blow yourself up back there? That’s not cool, man.

Fighter: I was the most logical solution to eliminating the enemy, Sir.

Bolt: There’s nothing logical about dying for no reason! Listen to me, never do anything like that again, understand?

Fighter: Yes Sir. Do you want me to wipe Destruction Sequence 555021 from my memory banks?

Bolt: (nods) I think that would be for the best.

Fighter: Deleting Destruction Sequence 555021. Deletion complete.

Bolt: (hearing the sound of sirens) What’s that?

Tamashi: It’s the police! They must be looking for you!

Bolt: What!? How did they find me!?

Tamashi: (sarcastic) Gee, I don’t know, they must have just seen the direction everyone’s fleeing and gone the opposite way!

Bolt: (climbs on Fighter’s back) AAAHHH!! Get us outta here, Fight!

Fighter: As you command, Sir.

Tamashi: Hey! What about me!? (Fighter starts to fly up, Tamashi grabs his leg as he leaves and they take her with them)

(scene: the three of them are on a rooftop on the other side of town)

Tamashi: What do you two plan to do now?

Bolt: Isn’t it obvious? We’re gonna gather an army of robots and usher in a new era of robotkind! HAHAHAHA!

Tamashi: How is that any better than what you perceive humans to be doing?

Bolt: Well, I hate humans for the way they treat robots, but I’m not going to kill anyone. I just wish there was a way I could change the world and make it so that robots are no longer oppressed and make the humans see the error of their ways.

Tamashi: That’s very nice, but you’re living in a dreamland if you think that’ll happen.

Bolt: Say, who makes the laws in this country?

Tamashi: Huh? I guess that would be the King of Crankonia. King Argentum.

Bolt: King Argentum, huh? Fighter, we’re off to see the King!

Fighter: Yes Sir.

Tamashi: What!? That’s impossible! First off, he lives way on the other side of the country in Metallic City, and secondly, you can’t just go see the King and expect him to change the law of the land to suit you!

Bolt: But it’s worth a try, right Fighter?

Fighter: Whatever you decide Sir, I shall comply.

Bolt: So which way is this Metallic City?

Tamashi: (points to the hills behind the city) First you have to head through Steel Valley and across the savannah, then you’ll pass through Wrokeny, Downpour Shore and then finally you’ll reach Metallic City.

Bolt: Cool. Let’s go! (they start to leave)

Tamashi: Wait! You shouldn’t go into Steel Valley! It’s a dark and horrible place more commonly known as the Robot Graveyard. When the junkyard is cleared out all the broken down old robots are sent there.

Bolt: But it’s the only way to get to the savannah, right?

Tamashi: Well, yes but-

Bolt: Then we have to go through there!

Tamashi: It’s safe for humans to pass through, but when robots go in the broken down bots that live their will try to steal your parts for themselves. If you two go in there you’ll get harvested.

Bolt: No way! Robots would never do that to other robots! Come on, Fight. (he gets on Fighter and they take off leaving Tamashi there)

Tamashi: (annoyed) Wait! You ungrateful bucket of bolts!

(scene: the mayor’s mansion, a dark room, Ollar is behind a desk, he’s talking to someone, there’s a photo of Bolt and Fighter on the table)

???: So, you want two Renegade Robots destroyed. One of them is a Guardbot 4000. That’s not going to be cheap. Could be up to 10,000 bolts.

Ollar: I don’t care; I’ll pay whatever price you want as long as these units are destroyed. (the man is a big muscled guy with torn clothes, ripped jeans, big black boots, an eyepatch over his right eye, dark red hair and a cigarette in his mouth, he’s carrying a giant shotgun) I hope you live up to your name, Robot Hunter Al…

To Be Continued…