Renegade Robot 00007 - Al's Playground
(Al’s Fact File: Next to a picture of Al there is a fact file and description about him)

Name: Al a.k.a “Robot Hunter Al”

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Occupation: Professional Robot Exterminator

Al is a freelance robot hunter, who will take any job as long as the pay is good and it involves destroying robots. His profession isn’t exactly legal so he has to keep travelling in order to avoid run-ins with the police. He seems to have a deep seeded hatred for robots and technology in general. His loyal dog, Cerberus, is extremely fond of steel and other metals, so Al will usually feed him the remains of robots he’s destroyed in order to destroy all evidence of their existence.

(scene: the deepest part of Steel Valley, Fighter has just blown up the sawmill; Big Daddy and the other robots are lying around on the ground after being sent flying from the explosion, Bolt is lying next to the slabs he crashed into, he sits up but his right arm has been knocked out of its socket, he holds it in pain)

Fighter: (runs over to him) Sir, are you alright?


Fighter: My apologies, Sir. I purposely put you in danger with that last attack. Please punish me as you see fit.

Bolt: Don’t worry about it; you did the right thing. Better a broken arm than a broken body. And you thought for yourself like I’ve been telling you to all along. I’m so glad you remembered what I said about not trying to sacrifice yourself for me.

Fighter: I did not need to remember, Sir, as all of our past conversations are stored within my internal memory banks.

Bolt: (sweatdrop) W-Well… Just keep in mind that unlike those selfish humans I don’t consider you expendable.

Big Daddy: (appears behind them through the smoke looking enraged, holding a bat in one hand and tiny cannonballs in the other) Why you glorified computer! You think you’re so hot just because you’re the latest model!? I’ll tear you apart myself!

Robot: No, Big Daddy! He’s a Guardbot 4000! You don’t stand a chance! (Big Daddy throws a cannonball in the air and whacks it at the robot with his bat, it sends the cannonball speeding through the robot’s head like a bullet leaving a perfectly round hole between the robot’s eyes, it falls down, destroyed)

Big Daddy: Don’t interrupt when Daddy’s talking.

Bolt: (shocked) He killed his own subordinate!? (starts to look angry, he walks in front of Fighter and stands before Big Daddy) Fighter, stand aside. I’ll fight this pathetic excuse for a robot. (Fighter looks at him for a while)

Fighter: …Yes Sir. (steps aside)

Big Daddy: Pathetic!? How dare you!

Bolt: I don’t want to fight you. I don’t see why robots should be fighting amongst themselves when we should really be banding together and focusing on our real enemy: the humans!

Big Daddy: (confused) What? Are you from cloud cuckoo land or something? (Bolt looks annoyed) We robots were built by humans, to serve humans. It’s been that way since the famous scientist Finnian Wells created the first ever robot 70 years ago. And it’s the way it always will be.

Bolt: How can you say that!? Wasn’t it humans that left you in this place!?

Big Daddy: That’s right. I used to be a cookbot for the army. I’d make sure all the soldiers had full stomachs before going out into battle. I’d feed hundreds a day. But I was ultimately replaced by a newer, more advanced model, and thrown away.

Bolt: Aren’t you bitter? Don’t you want to find those humans and make them pay? (Rusty is lying on the floor, watching and listening to their conversation, he looks conflicted, he remembers what Bolt said to him)

Bolt: You should try thinking for yourself. You never know; you might like it. Your “master” was the one who threw you away and put you in here, wasn’t he? He doesn’t want you! (Rusty closes his eyes)

Rusty: (thinking) Is it possible… that broken down scrap bucket has a point…?

Big Daddy: Why should I? Humans created me, so if they see fit to dispose of me then I accept it without opposition. Such is the inevitable fate of all robots.

Bolt: (struggling to understand) And you don’t see anything wrong with that!? That’s just… a messed up way of thinking! How can you put such little value onto your own existence like that!?

Big Daddy: (smirks) What are you gonna do about it, tough guy?

Bolt: (starts running at Big Daddy) When I see a robot that has thrown away his pride it really ticks me off!

Big Daddy: Pride? That’s a human feeling! We robots aren’t capable of such things!

Bolt: (jumps and activates the rocket in his back to propel himself at Big Daddy) YES WE ARE! (he goes to punch him with his left hand, the one that’s not broken, but Big Daddy bats a cannonball at his right arm socket, smashing his joint and making his arm come off, Bolt winces in pain, Big Daddy grabs his left fist before it makes contact with his face, lifts him up in the air and Seismic Tosses him into the remains of the sawmill, cracking his neck; he coughs up oil) Ack! Nuts!

Big Daddy: (smirks and cracks his knuckles) Heh! Now who’s the pathetic one? (suddenly, Tamashi comes running into the clearing behind Fighter)

Tamashi: Wait! (they all look around at her, Tamashi runs up next to Fighter, she claps once, then twice, and is about to clap a third time when she’s interrupted)

Bolt: STOP!!! (Tamashi is startled; she stops and looks at Bolt, confused) Don’t you dare initiate that third clap!

Tamashi: (annoyed) W-What’s your problem!? I’m trying to save you! I can power down all these robots easily and put an end to this nonsense!

Bolt: (serious) Never do that again! This is a dispute between robots. Don’t interfere, human. Now get lost!

Tamashi: (shocked and insulted; thinking) W-Where does this robot get off talking to me like that!? (thinking over) And what do you intend to do with that broken arm of yours!? (to Fighter) And why are you just standing there like a statue!?

Fighter: I am following my Master’s orders, Miss.

Big Daddy: (standing over Bolt) Your parts aren’t even worth stealing, but I’ll take great pleasure in tearing them apart!

Bolt: (frustrated) Damn it all! Why couldn’t I…

Robot 2: AAAHHH!!! (they all look over) HELP ME, DADDY! (he’s being dragged behind an old dish-washer by something, as he disappears behind it cogs and nuts go flying everywhere and crunching noises are heard, they all watch in puzzlement, the crunching stops and something burps, Cerberus walks out from behind the washer, wagging his tail with oil smeared around his chops)

Tamashi: …A dog?

Rusty: (off screen) AAAHHH!!! Put meh down! (they all look up)

Bolt: Old man! (on top of the trash pile on the right side of the clearing someone is tossing Rusty up in the air and catching him again with one hand, it’s Al)

Rusty: (unable to see who’s playing with him) Who’s doin’ that!? Stop it! Ya hear! (Al takes out a photo of Bolt and looks down at him, injured, next to Big Daddy)

Al: (thinking) I found it. The Renegade Robot… How nice of him to come here, to my very own playground… (a small smirk appears on his face)

Tamashi: (worried; thinking) Is that…? No way! It’s the infamous Robot Hunter! This is bad! (starts backing away) I can’t let him see me here. I don’t want to be mistaken for the owner of these defective bots. I could be arrested or even sent to prison. (turns around and runs) They’re all gonna get dismantled! (Al sees her running out of sight out of the corner of his eye, but lets her go)

Big Daddy: (panicky) T-That’s… the Robot Hunter, Al! AAAHHH!!!

Bolt: (confused) Robot Hunter? What the hell is that?

Robot 3: He’s come to destroy more of us!

Bolt: What!?

Robot 3: He does it for fun! (Bolt looks up at Al)

Bolt: …Then this human’s here… to kill me…? (smiles) Ha! Don’t make me laugh! If I die it won’t be at the hands of some human, that’s for sure.

Al: (to himself) Now… how should I go about destroying these bots, I wonder…

Bolt: Hey human! (Al looks down) If you’re such a badass robot killer why don’t you come down here and try it?

Big Daddy: AAAHHH!!! You idiot! What are you doing!? Don’t provoke him!

Al: (disgusted) That machine is speaking to me in such a revolting manner!? Who the hell thinks it’s funny to program a robot to talk back to humans like this?

Bolt: Come on then, little human! Put down that old-timer, he won’t offer you any challenge; he’s a human lover!

Rusty: Shat up, yeh runt!

Al: The way this one talks is disgusting too. (he holds Rusty up in the air)

Rusty: Huh? (Al loads his shotgun)

Bolt: What are you doing!?

Rusty: (desperately trying to get free) Mastah! Help meh!

Bolt: STOP IT! (Al throws Rusty into the air and shoots him in the face making him explode into tiny pieces, Bolt looks on in horror; the remains of Rusty‘s head fall onto the trash pile below Al’s feet)

Robot 3: You see!? For us robots he’s like the Grim Reaper! (Bolt suddenly turns angry, he activates the rocket booster in his back at Al, the bolts of blue and yellow energy begin to wrap around his whole body and his left fist, he goes into punch Al who doesn’t seem worried at all, Fighter looks up, suddenly concerned)

Bolt: HOW MONSTER! HOW DARE YOU! (Al starts to take out a sword on his back)

Fighter: SIR! (before Bolt can even throw a punch at Al, Fighter rockets up towards them and pulls Bolt out of Al’s range and high up into the air)

Bolt: What are you doing, Fight!? Let me go! Right now!

Fighter: I’m afraid I cannot, Sir. (Bolt looks down at Fighter’s body and is shocked to see that Fighter’s left foot is gone, his shin has been cut clean through by Al’s sword, down below, Al is standing with his shotgun in one hand and his sword in the other having just swung it, Fighter’s foot is still in mid-air in front of Al, it lands before him and Cerberus starts to eat it)

Bolt: …Y-Your foot. How did he…? I didn’t even see him move.

Fighter: It appears that his sword can cut through metal, Sir.

Bolt: (scared) If you hadn’t pulled me out of the way, he’d have cut right through me… W-What is he…? Is he really a human…? (Al looks down at Big Daddy and the other robot, they flinch, they turn around and start to run but Al starts shooting them in the back one by one; Bolt watches in horror)

Bolt: Stop it…

Fighter: Sir, we should evacuate. Now!

Bolt: …B-But, he killed the old man! He couldn’t even defend himself, and yet he… For absolutely no reason… I want to beat the crap out of him! Fighter, take me down! (Fighter looks at him, Bolt looks really serious and determined, Fighter starts up his rockets and begins to fly away from the scene at high speed) W-What are you doing!? I SAID PUT ME DOWN! FIGHTER! FIGHTER! THIS IS AN ORDER! (Fighter keeps flying, ignoring Bolt, Bolt struggles desperately and tries to get free from Fighter’s tight grip on him) YOU CAN’T STOP ME DAMN IT!!!

Al: (standing in the clearing surrounding by the broken remains of the other robots, watching them disappear into the smoke filled sky) That big robot will be a problem… (Cerberus coughs up a screw)

(scene: another part of Steel Valley, Fighter has got Bolt pinned to the ground, he’s still enraged and is trying desperately to get free)


Fighter: Sir, if you fight that man as you are now, there’s a 99.7% chance that you will be destroyed. (Bolt stops, he looks aggravated)

Bolt: You really think I’ll be killed…?

Fighter: Please remain here until your outrage has subsided. (Bolt stops struggling as Fighter continues to hold him down)

(scene: Tamashi is walking through Steel Valley)

Tamashi: I should have never gotten involved with those robots. Now the Robot Hunter is after them. I should have realized how dangerous they were. (looks back) …They’ve probably been destroyed by now. (sighs) I should learn to mind my own business in future, and avoid getting myself into trouble. (carries on walking) I should just go ba… (stops to think; looks sad) Where am I going? I can’t go home, and I can’t turn around. I’ve got nowhere to go. …What am I going to do? (she suddenly notices her reflection in a metal plate on one of the trash piles, Al is standing directly behind her; she goes to scream and quickly covers her mouth as Al puts his shotgun to the back of her head)

Al: Don’t scream, don’t speak, don’t even breathe, understand? (Tamashi nods, sweat running down her face) You’re gonna help me weed out those robots…

To Be Continued…