Renegade Robot 00016 - Liberation
(scene: Prosthetic City, Bolt, Fighter, Tamashi and Pipes are facing off against Al and Cerberus surrounded by rubble and broken buildings)

Pipes: This is our city. The duty of protecting it lies with me! (charges at Al)

Bolt: Pipes!

Tamashi: Don’t worry. You don’t know how strong Pipes is when he’s donning his battle armour. He took out that Luther guy without even cracking a gear. (Pipes swings his spear at Al and the shockwave sends him up into the air and he crashes into the ceiling, Al holds up his sword on its side to defend himself, Cerberus starts barking at Pipes and goes to attack him)

Al: Cerberus, stay! (Cerberus immediately stops in his tracks; as Al starts to fall back down, Pipes jumps up and their blades clash in mid-air; the impact from Pipes’ spear causes a building behind Al to split in two)

Bolt: (impressed) Whoa! Unreal! (thinking) Pipes is incredible! I’ve got to have him in my army! (Al and Pipes land back on the ground a short distance away from each other; Pipes starts running at Al) Go Pipes!

Fighter: This isn’t going to end well.

Bolt: (looks at Fighter) Huh? (Al doesn’t even move as Pipes runs towards him; Pipes swings his spear towards Al’s neck) This is it! (Pipes stops his spear an inch before it makes contact with Al’s throat; Al doesn’t even flinch)

Pipes: Leave now.

Bolt: Pipes, threats aren’t gonna work on a human like him! You’ll have to use force!

Tamashi: Maybe he can’t.

Bolt: What are you talking about?

Tamashi: I don’t think his programming will allow him to physically harm Al. All robots are designed with a failsafe that prevents them from hurting humans.

Bolt: Oh, that’s bull!

Fighter: No Sir, I believe she’s right. Take a closer look at Pipes’ demeanour. See how he’s struggling? (Bolt takers a close look at Pipes and sees that his hand holding the spear up to Al’s throat is trembling as if a force is holding him back from simply decapitating Al)

Bolt: (calls out) Pipes! You have to fight! Fight your programming! Liberate yourself from human control! (Al smirks before pushing Pipes’ spear back with his sword, Pipes staggers backwards and almost loses his balance; Al proceeds to leap over Pipes, slashing at him with his sword in the air before landing the opposite side of him facing the other way; Bolt looks on in shock as Pipes’ battle armour falls to pieces, sliced into tatters and rags of cloth by Al)

Tamashi: Oh no! His battle armour! It’s been completely destroyed! (Pipes falls to his knees and clutches his chest, there’s a huge slash down it with oil pouring out, Al turns around and starts walking back towards him)

Bolt: Pipes, run!

Fighter: Sir, we have to leave now. We can escape while he’s preoccupied.

Bolt: NO! (Al stands before Pipes, looking down at him while he’s on his knees)

Pipes: I won’t allow this city to fall… (Al stabs him straight through his head, his sword comes out the other side; Tamashi covers her mouth in shock)

Bolt: PIPES! (Al pulls his sword out)

Al: That was far too easy. (Cerberus runs over to him, Al holds down his sword enabling Cerberus to lick Pipes’ oil off the blade)

Bolt: HUMAN!!! (starts to shake with anger, his fists clenched, blue and yellow bolts of lightning begin to swirl around his arms)

Fighter: Sir, we must leave!

Tamashi: Yeah, he’s right! Let’s go! (goes to put her hand on Bolt’s shoulder but it’s zapped away by the lightning engulfing him) Oww! (clutching her hand) What the-!? (Bolt approaches Al with his body immersed in blue and yellow lightning)

Bolt: (enraged) HUMAN!!! (Al looks over at him)

Al: Hmm? (thinking) What is this…?

Bolt: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! (sends a huge blast of lightning at Al, Al tries to hold it off with his sword but it pushes him back through the city and through several buildings, Al remains standing as he’s pushed back, his feet dragging in the rubble, his boots getting ruined in the process; the blast takes him through the wall at the perimeter of the city, through the layers of rock and granite, out into the savannah and up into the sky before it dissipates; after taking a few seconds to register what’s just happened, Cerberus runs after his master through Bolt’s newly created path of destruction; on the surface, Al is lying on his back in the dirt, his clothes torn; he has a nonchalant expression as he stares up at the sky)

Al: I definitely have to destroy that robot. (back underground, the lightning around Bolt disappears, he falls to his knees and puts his hands on the ground)

Fighter: (runs over with Tamashi) Sir, are you alright? (Bolt looks up at Pipes lying broken on the ground ahead, there’s still a red light flickering; he hurriedly and desperately scrambles over to him)

Bolt: (clutching Pipes in his arms) Pipes, say something! (the little robots start to come out of hiding and gather in a circle around them) You can’t die!

Fighter: Sir… (Bolt turns to Tamashi)

Bolt: Hey, he won’t die, will he? I mean if Rust can survive so can he, right?

Tamashi: (sad) Rusty survived because his Brainchip remained intact. Ninjabots are designed with their Brainchips in the exact centre of their heads. I think the Robot Hunter knew where to strike this time.

Bolt: No… It’s not fair!

Pipes: Is… (everyone looks shocked; Bolt looks down as Pipes slowly reaches his arm upwards to Bolt) Is this city safe? (Bolt looks like he could cry) Did I protect Lord Hassan’s city?

Bolt: (hesitates before swallowing his pride) Yes! Yes you did! The city is fine!

Tamashi: Bolt…

Pipes: I’m so glad…

Robot: Pipes, please don’t die!

Robot 2: Stay here with us!

Robot 3: How will we survive without you?

Pipes: (to Bolt) Maintenancebot, give me your hand. (confused, Bolt does it anyway; Pipes puts his spear in Bolt’s hand and closes his fingers around it for him) I want you to take this and become the new guardian of Prosthetic City.

Bolt: I… I can’t…

Pipes: Say you will. I see so much potential in you, Bolt. I wouldn’t entrust this to anyone else.

Bolt: O-Okay…

Pipes: My story ends here. I’m just glad that in the end I was liberated from human control by Lord Hassan. I owe him so much. Promise me you’ll thank him for me.

Bolt: (looks away) I will…

Pipes: I feel honoured to die fighting for a robot as worthy of respect and admiration as he. I loved this city… With all my… (dies)

Bolt: (staring at Pipes in his arms for a while) Goodbye Pipes.

Tamashi: (wiping away her tears; thinking) I’m such an idiot… How could I have been so wrong all this time?

Hassan: (comes up behind them) I can’t believe Pipes entrusted you with his battle spear. You must truly be something special. (he’s not put his robot head back on; Bolt looks around at Hassan, he’s angry)

Robot: Ahh! Another human!

Robot 2: But… there’s something familiar about him…

Robot 3: This is… Lord Hassan’s voice!

Hassan: That’s right, my children. This is my true form.

Incognito: (emerging from the rubble; still intact) It can’t be… (crestfallen) Lord Hassan was a human…?

Hassan: (to Bolt) That was a very touching scene, but I’m curious as to why didn’t you tell Pipes the truth about me?

Bolt: (stands up, clutching Pipes’ spear; angry) You bastard! (runs at Hassan) Since Pipes can’t do it himself, I’ll drive this spear into your heart in his place!

Hassan: (nervous) H-H-Hold on a sec! (Tamashi grabs the handle of the spear and pulls it back before Bolt can attack)

Tamashi: Bolt, don’t! He’s not worth it!

Bolt: Don’t get involved!

Tamashi: If you were to kill a human then the King would never take you seriously! (Bolt looks conflicted; he lowers the spear) Just stop and think.

Bolt: (to Hassan) You make me sick.

Hassan: That’s a tad unfair, don’t you think?

Bolt: Unfair!? Are you for real!?

Hassan: I may have hidden my identity but I still created a safe haven for these robots, didn’t I? (turns to the robots) I gave you all freedom and happiness, right? (the robots all look confused and disorientated)

Incognito: I can’t believe our city was built by a human. We’ve been blindly following a human’s orders this whole time. We’ve never truly been free. It’s all been a big fat lie. (Hassan starts scribbling in a notebook)

Hassan: Fascinating. This reaction is truly revealing. How would you describe your feelings of betrayal at this time? Do you hate me? Despise me?

Incognito: I… I don’t know how to compute all this…

Hassan: (scribbling in his notebook) I see. I see. (Bolt angrily snatches the notebook from him) Excuse me! (Bolt flips through the notebook)

Bolt: (reading some notes out loud) “Day 138 – Test subjects still showing no signs of independent thought. Comprehension of totalitarianism minimal. Results of ‘Project: City’ remain inconclusive.”!? What the hell is all this!?

Hassan: (snatches the notebook back) These are the notes I’m going to need when I write my thesis on artificial lifeforms to present to the chairman of SMERF.

Bolt: (confused) SMERF?

Fighter: An organization for incredibly gifted human scientists, Sir.

Hassan: My thesis is riding on the results of this six month long experiment.

Tamashi: Experiment?

Hassan: Correct. This city and all the robots you see before you are my test subjects! This is ‘Project: City’!

Tamashi: So let me get this straight. You created this entire underground city as part of some research study program for a thesis?

Hassan: It’s much bigger than that. This was a very important endeavour to further our studies into robot interaction and psyche. For six months I’ve been gathering data on the activities of these robots under the guise of ‘Hassan the Wise’.

Bolt: How dare you use robots in your human experiments! We’re not lab rats!

Hassan: I know you’re not lab rats. Robots are even lower. (Bolt looks pissed) No one’s going to question the ethical implications of experimenting on what are essentially glorified computers. My research has already proven you’re incapable of discretion; otherwise these robots would be exacting their revenge on me as we speak. (Bolt looks at the robots; they all look helpless, like lost lambs) That’s why I never feared this day. Because no matter how far I take things no robot will ever be able to touch me! (Bolt goes to punch Hassan, making him shriek, but before he can Tamashi smacks him in the face with her wrench, knocking out most of his teeth and sending him flying into one of the buildings; Bolt looks shocked)

Tamashi: I thought he’d never shut up.

Bolt: (speechless) Whoa…

Fighter: Miss Tamashi, you do realize that man can file an assault charge against you for that don’t you?

Tamashi: Meh. So what? I’m already a criminal for aligning myself with you guys. Besides, I couldn’t stand the way he was talking about robots. (to Bolt) I hope you know not all humans think like that.

Bolt: (awkward) W-Well… Whatever I think, all I know is that was awesome! Come on, let’s get out of here. I can’t stand another minute in this place.

Fighter: But Sir, what about them? (Bolt turns to look at all the little robots; he climbs up onto the one of the buildings and faces out towards them)

Bolt: EVERY ROBOT HERE, LISTEN TO ME! I know you’re all feeling hurt and confused right now because your utopia turned out to be an illusion. But that’s all the more reason to stand up against the humans that have treated you so poorly! My name is Bolt! And I’m making my own robots army! And when I do, we’re gonna march right up to the King of this land and force him to set robots free from this like of abject servitude! I don’t care what your make or model is! My army will consist of all types of robots! Those big (shows Fighter) and those small! (shows Incognito) I’m offering you all a place as my followers! We’re going to band together and fight back against human oppression! NOW WHO’S WITH ME!? (long silence)

(scene: Bolt, Fighter and Tamashi are back on the surface walking through the savannah, they’re all alone)

Bolt: (depressed) I can’t believe none of them wanted to join my army… I’m such a loser… Those robots should hate humans more than anyone!

Tamashi: You can’t force hate, Bolt.

Fighter: I should have told you Hassan was human straight away, Sir.

Bolt: Why didn’t you?

Fighter: I am unsure. You were so overcome with joy when you believed that robots had formed their own sect. Maybe I didn’t want to be the one to take that joy away from you. But that reasoning does not make logical sense.

Bolt: (smiles) Emotions usually don’t. It’s okay.

Tamashi: (looks around) Hey Bolt, that robot is following us. (Bolt looks around to see Incognito coming up behind them carrying something wrapped in cloth)

Bolt: Would you like to come along with us, little buddy? (Incognito starts running towards them; Bolt kneels down and holds his arms out to hug him, everything goes bright and sparkly) Welcome to the te- (Incognito passes him and stops before Fighter and Tamashi) Huh?

Incognito: You forgot this. (he opens the cloth and Rusty falls out)

Rusty: OW! WATCH EET! (Incognito runs off)

Tamashi: Oh Rusty! I’m so sorry! We completely forgot about you!

Bolt: Darn. And I thought we’d gotten rid of him.

Rusty: Why you smart-aleck! I’ll whip yeh into shape!

To Be Continued…