Renegade Robot 00019 - Bot Coco
(Incognito’s Fact File: Next to a picture of Incognito there is a fact file and description about him)

Name: Incognito

Model: Tinkerbot.5

Serial No.: 39919

Incognito was a robot that lived in Prosthetic City. Originally from Cogmouth, Incognito travelled to the city after he was abandoned by his human owners and heard rumours about a safe space for robots. A weak and timid robot, he looked up to Hassan the Wise and Pipes greatly and was devastated when he found out the horrible truth. He also seems to have an understandable fear of humans.

(scene: Tamashi is standing in the street holding Rusty, Hassan has just come up behind her and surprised her)

Tamashi: W-What are you doing here?

Hassan: We can talk about that later. Right now we need to catch up with those robots. (he takes out a small device and points it at the road) Cheetah R2 – Digitize! (light shoots out of his device at the road and a yellow sports car starts to appear as if it were data being converted and loaded; Tamashi and Rusty look shocked as Hassan gets in the car) Get in!

(scene: Hassan is driving through the streets of Wrokeny in his sports car, Tamashi and Rusty are riding shotgun)

Tamashi: Okay, seriously why are you here? Is this about me assaulting you? Because I won’t be blackmailed.

Hassan: Oh please, I’m couldn’t care less about that. I happen to know the finest dentist in all of Crankonia. (looks at Tamashi and gives her a big grin showing off a new sparkling set of pearly white teeth) You can’t even tell, right? (Tamashi looks unimpressed) I’m here because I’m researching the robots in the city.

Tamashi: You’re not using them in another weird SMERF experiment, are you?

Hassan: No, but it’s possible they’re already wrapped up in someone else’s weird experiment.

Tamashi: What do you mean?

Hassan: The robots of this city first caught my eye a few months back. Whilst I was living in Prosthetic City, Wrokeny was the nearest human civilisation. Whenever I had the chance I would sneak out of the city to restock on supplies and during that time I developed a fascination with the two robot gangs, the Chainsaw Bandits and the Dynamite Bots. I was actually looking forward to the day Project: City would come to an end so I could devote my time to studying them.

Tamashi: It is a monumental breakthrough in robotology. The city proves that it is possible for artificial life to develop consciousness.

Hassan: Hmm… I wonder about that.

Tamashi: You have another explanation?

Hassan: Oh I have a few theories knocking about the old noodle. But they’ll have to wait for now. Look. (they’re catching up with the car Coco was dragged off in)

Tamashi: What do we do now?

Hassan: Follow them back to the their hideout of course.

Tamashi: Isn’t that a little dangerous? Let’s just give the licence to the police.

Hassan: What’re you afraid of? They’re robots. They won’t harm us. (looks at Tamashi and smiles) Riiiiight? (Tamashi looks at bit weirded out by him)

Rusty: Don’t worry, Miss Tamashi! I’ll protect you with my life!

Tamashi: Thanks Rust. I feel better now. (they follow the car with Coco in it around a corner but when they get into the next street their car is gone)

Rusty: They disappeared!

Hassan: They’re somewhere.

Tamashi: Yeah. They probably have a secret entrance to their safe house around here. (Hassan stops his car and they get out; he holds up his PSD and the car is converted back into data and stored on the device) I didn’t know there was a PSD with enough terabytes of storage space to hold a car.

Hassan: It’s a new model. Personal Storage Device Generation IV. It’s not even out on the market yet, but members of SMERF all got free prototypes for helping Pocket Mecha Corp with their pre-production.

Tamashi: Hmm. Good for you. (starts feeling along the walls of the buildings)

Hassan: What are you doing?

Tamashi: Isn’t it obvious? I’m looking hidden passageways.

Hassan: What an archaic method you employ.

Tamashi: (insulted) Excuse me? Do you have a better idea, smart guy? (Hassan takes a chip out of his PSD and puts it on his glasses, it changes the view through his lenses and enables him to see the density of the metal which makes up the buildings on the street)

Hassan: (walks into the centre of the road and puts his hand to the ground) There’s a trap door. The road heads downwards here, deep underground.

Tamashi: How are we supposed to get down there? (Hassan places his PSD on the floor and converts it into data, opening the path; it’s pitch black below)

Hassan: After you. (Tamashi looks suspicious of him, she waits a while before walking down, not taking her eyes off Hassan as she does; the scene cuts to them walking down the secret passageway with Hassan using his PSD to light the way)

Hassan: (looks at Tamashi) Aren’t you nervous? We’re walking straight into the den of a violent street gang.

Tamashi: Worry about yourself. Unlike you I have experience in dealing with robots hands on, not behind the guise of some false prophet.

Hassan: Ouch. That was harsh. (they come out into a basement and see the car Coco was taken in, they can hear voices above)

Coco: How dare you drag me in off the street like that! I ‘aint your property, Flint! (Tamashi and Hassan creep up the stairs and watch through a crack in the door)

Flint: Baby, I’ve changed! Take me back. I swear I’ll never let you down again.

Coco: It’s over. I’m serious this time. I’ve made up my mind. I’m with Rory.

Flint: He’ll never understand you like I do. You enjoy the finer things in life. Rory’s much too tight. I can give you anything you want! My money is your money!

Coco: It’s not just about money, Flint! …Well, it is, but- It’s also about love, and passion, and… and… stuff like that!

Tamashi: This is like a scene lifted straight out of a bad gangster movie. Their dialogue is clichéd and contrived.

Hassan: I concur.

Coco: Rory gets me. We’ve connected on an electro-magnetic level. He treats me like a princess. Like I deserve.

Flint: I could have you back like “that” if I wanted!

Coco: Yeah right! (Flint slaps her across the face; gasps) Oh Flint!

<3 (falls into Flint’s arms and begins passionately making out with him)

Tamashi: (sweatdrop) I’m glad I’m not that type of girl.

Hassan: Well, shall we go public? (opens the door)

Tamashi: (shocked) Wha-!? (Hassan steps into the room; Flint, Coco, Plug and Socket all turn around and pull their guns on them)

Flint: Who’s there!?

Hassan: Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Hassan J’mal. I’m a scientist.

Tamashi: You idiot! What the heck is going through that brain of yours!? (Flint looks angry; he walks up to Tamashi who looks nervous)

Rusty: Stay away from Miss Tamashi, you no-good young- (Flint slaps Rusty out of Tamashi’s arms and onto the ground) OW!

Tamashi: Rust! (Flint puts his foot on Rusty and points his gun at him)

Rusty: What’n the world!?

Flint: Who the hell are you and how did you find this place!? (Rusty looks confused)

Tamashi: (confused; thinking) What’s going on…?

(scene: Wifi Rollers, Bolt and Fighter are still in the backroom with Rory, he’s staring at them with a mulling look on his face)

Rory: Hmm… Okay. I’ve decided I’m gonna give you two a shot.

Bolt: (scared) A shot!? I hope you’re referring to the alcoholic kind.

Rory: No, I mean shot as in the noun, referring to a chance or opportunity to prove your worth. There’s a robot on Fifth Street who hasn’t paid his protection money this month, so I want you two to go round there and smash up his shop.

Fighter: Does not compute.

Bolt: I don’t want to join your gang and if you’ve got no interest in joining my army I don’t know what we’re still doing here. Come on Fighter, let’s go. (turns to leave)

Rory: Hey! Don’t you dare turn your back to me! The only way out of the Dynamite Bots is in 20 sheets of foam packaging and bubble wrap.

Bolt: (turns back around) Is that a threat? (they stare each other down for a while when a Brakes suddenly bursts into the room in a panic)

Brakes: Boss! I’m sorry! I dun goofed!

Rory: What’re you talking about?

Brakes: It’s Coco! I was watching her like you said, but I took my eyes of her like two hours and the next thing I knew she’d been kidnapped by the Chainsaw Bandits!

Rory: You idiot! How could you let this happen!?

Brakes: I know. I took my eyes off the road and now there’s a major pileup.

Rory: Enough with the driving analogies! We get it! You’re named after a part of a car! Ugh! I can’t believe Flint’s got one over on me like this! That son of a bit! (gets up and goes into the strip club; Clutch is watching one of the girls) Brakes! Clutch! You’re with me!

Clutch: Uhm, I’m not talking to you, remember? We’re in a fight!

Rory: (grabs Clutch by the neck and drags him along) Not now! (he, Clutch and Brakes leave the club and climb aboard a speedboat docked at the end of the quarry) Those Chainsaws wanna mess with my girl, then we’re gonna take the fight straight to ‘em! (Brakes starts to untie the ropes mooring it; Bolt and Fighter come up to the edge of the peer above them)

Bolt: Hey, what about us?

Rory: I’ve got more pressing matters to attend to. Come with us if you like. I’ll show you how we Dynamites Bots do things.

Fighter: Sir, I advise against this.

Bolt: Sure! Why not? Sounds like fun!

(scene: the basement under Flint’s casino; Flint has his foot on Rusty and is pointing his gun at him)

Rusty: Get yer foot off meh face, ya ingrate! Or I’ll tear yeh a new license plate!

Flint: Who do you work for? Are you with the Dynamite Bots?

Tamashi: Don’t shoot! (she goes to clap her hands, but remembers what Bolt said)

Bolt: Never do that again! This is a dispute between robots. Don’t interfere, human. (she lowers her hands)

Tamashi: Look, I’m sorry we barged into your property. I promise we’re not here to cause trouble.

Hassan: You’ll be saying “we come in peace” next.

Tamashi: You shut up!

Flint: Do I look like I was built yesterday!? (points his gun at Tamashi) You’d better get out of here before I… before I… well I dunno, but it’s gonna be bad!

Coco: You tell ‘em, habibi! Show ‘em who’s boss! You’re switching me on!

Plug: (pointing to the door) You heard our boss!

Socket: Both of you humans! OUT! NOW!

Tamashi: You’re letting us go? What about Rusty?

Flint: Not him! We’re going to make an example out of this one.

Rusty: You just try it, punk!

Hassan: A what if we refuse to leave?

Tamashi: Hassan?

Flint: Believe me, you don’t wanna know.

Hassan: More empty threats I see.

Flint: What was that!?

Hassan: Oh, I believe you’ll do all manner of cruel things to that robot on the floor there, but no matter what my accomplice and I do you won’t lay a finger on us.

Flint: You wanna bet? You’re starting to tick me off, human!

Hassan: Then do something about it. (holds his arms open) Go on. Shoot me. I won’t move and I won’t fight back.

Tamashi: What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?

Flint: (points his gun at Hassan) Well, seen as you’re so desperate to die…

Coco: Do it, Flint! Shoot him!

Hassan: (walks up to Flint, grabs the barrel of the gun and shoves it up against his heart) Yes. Come on, Flint. Shoot me. Take my life. (Flint places his thumb over the trigger, he’s all set to do it but his hand is trembling; he looks like he’s about the fire when he suddenly points the gun upwards and fires one shot into the ceiling)

Flint: …You’re not worth wasting a bullet on.

Plug: But Boss, you wasted one anyway.

Tamashi: (surprised; thinking) He wouldn’t shoot? No… He couldn’t shoot?

Hassan: It’s as I thought. (walks over and picks Rusty up; Flint and the others watch him as he does this, not doing anything; he walks over to Tamashi and hands Rusty to her) Here. (turns to Flint and the others and takes out a device similar to his PSD, however there are several differences; tiny microchips shoot out of his device and insert themselves into Flint, Coco, Plug and Socket causing something of an electrical malfunction in them; they all become more placid)

Flint: (slightly confused) Why… What were we so angry for?

Coco: I don’t know…

Hassan: Since we’ve all calmed down, would you mind answering a few questions about this city?

Flint: Uhm, sure. I guess that would be okay.

Tamashi: (looking at Hassan; thinking) I can’t get a read on this guy. He makes me feel so uneasy. Just what is his angle…?

To Be Continued…