Renegade Robot 00020 - Flint and Rory
(Hassan’s Fact File: Next to a picture of Hassan there is a fact file and description about him)

Name: Hassan J’mal

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Occupation: Scientist/Engineer

Hassan is a member of SMERF and a researcher in robotic sociology. He is currently working on a thesis discussing the possibilities of artificial freewill. When Hassan first met Bolt he was in disguise as ‘Hassan the Wise’, the leader of a group of robots living underground. However this was all part of an elaborate experiment to further his research. Like Tamashi, Hassan is borderline obsessed with robots and understanding their limitations. However Hassan has no empathy for them and will use them for his own scientific fulfilment. Hassan possesses a high level of intelligence which has led him to become somewhat arrogant.

(scene: the Snake Eyes Casino, Plug and Socket are leading Tamashi, Hassan and Rusty through the smoky casino main floor past the roulette tables and slot machines; the place is packed with robots gambling their nuts and bolts away)

Tamashi: (to Hassan) What did you do to make them so compliant all of a sudden?

Hassan: I merely tagged them with submission chips. It’ll make it easier to gather data on this city.

Tamashi: Is that all you care about?

Hassan: (patronizingly) Well, aren’t you a ‘Little Miss Morals’.

Tamashi: Shut up. (suddenly twigs the TV on the wall to her left, there’s a commercial for Wrokeny playing with a male voice over)

Voice Over: The city of Wrokeny has so much to offer! (shows people playing roulette) Test your luck and determination at one of our many casinos. (shows people in mud baths) Or take a relaxing break in one of five-star luxury spas. (shows people eating exotic foods) Or sample some delicious local cuisine at one of our many gourmet restaurants. (shows actors performing on stage) And don’t forget to book your tickets to see one of our many world famous Broadway musicals. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s ask legendary Goldenwood actress Scarlet de Garland to tell us about how much she loves the city of Wrokeny. (cuts to a thin, glamourous woman in her mid to late sixties in a dressing room wearing nothing but a towel, her red hair is in rollers and she’s pushing the camera away)

Scarlet: This is my private dressing room! Get that camera out of here! (cuts to an exterior shot of Wrokeny)

Voice Over: Wrokeny is proven to be the safest city in all of Crankonia. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight or train ticket today. You won’t regret it. (a caption in tiny font comes up at the bottom of the screen saying ‘results may vary’)

Tamashi: (to herself) Safest in all of Crankonia? Am I in the same city?

(scene: the Town Hall in the centre of Wrokeny, an old balding Asian man with olivine toned skin is holding a press conference and fielding questions from reporters, a female reporter is talking to a camera crew with the conference in the foreground)

Leslie: We’re here live at Wrokeny Town Hall where Steven Wu is celebrating the end of his second year as mayor of our fair city.

Wu: (addressing the crowd) Settle down, settle down. I will now field questions. (directed at the man at the front) You sir?

Garfield: (holding his microphone up) Garfield Grape, Metallic Monthly. Mr. Wu, two years ago Wrokeny was known for having one of the worst crime rates in the entire country yet in the space of those two years you’ve managed to completely turn those statistics around. What’s your secret?

Wu: Well, there’s no secret really. Just zero-tolerance with law breakers, harsher penalties as a deterrent, and putting more money into our protective services. I am extremely proud of the leaps and bounds this city has made over the last two years and the strength of our community. Wrokeny is now one of the leading economic power houses in Crankonia. I am pleased to say that organized crime in Wrokeny is no more. There’s a bright future ahead of us. (a man in his 20s with long brown hair dreaded in beads, facial hair, a pointed nose and wearing a green shirt with a leaf on it pushes his way to the front of the crowd holding a bucket of oil)

Leaf: LIES! (throws the bucket of oil all over Wu, the entire crowd gasps; angrily pointing at Wu) That is for all the innocent robots that have suffered that the hands of your sick games! (some bodyguards grab him and begin dragging him off as the crowd of journalists takes pictures of him and the mayor, drenched in oil, his assistants trying to help him clean it off) YOU’RE A FRAUD!

Leslie: (in disbelief) I don’t know if everybody just saw that but a man has just throw what appears to be motor oil all over Mayor Wu! And you saw it happen live, right here on NCN! (the scene cuts to a sushi bar somewhere in Wrokeny, a man is watching the news broadcast on the low-definition TV, we can’t see his full body but his arms are made of metal, he smirks as he drinks a shot of scotch)

S: They think cheap stunts like that will bring about equality? Pathetic…

(scene: Rory’s boat is speeding through the harbour of Wrokeny with Bolt and Fighter riding in the back)

Bolt: (to Rory) So what’s the plan?

Rory: Plan? I don’t do plans. I live for the moment.

Bolt: Sweet! A robot after my own heart!

Fighter: You do not have a heart, Sir.

Bolt: I realized that as I was saying it.

Rory: We’re just gonna bust in there, smash up Flint’s casino and take my woman back! Nobody makes a fool outta me! NOBODY!

Bolt: Sounds like you and this Flint guy have history.

Rory: Pfft! That’s the understatement of the century! That son of a bot…

(scene: Tamashi, Rusty and Hassan are alone with Flint in his office at the back of the casino; there is a window with a view out to the casino floor)

Flint: What do you want? I’m a busy robot in case you haven’t noticed.

Tamashi: Why are you robots fighting amongst yourselves like this? After far as I know this city has two robot gangs, the Chainsaw Bandits and the Dynamite Bots, and they’re constantly at war, but why? Has it always been like this? Don’t you think it’s odd seen as most robots don’t behave like this?

Flint: Those are some pretty philosophical questions. I try not to think about stuff. I just get on with things.

Rusty: Ah! A robot after ‘meh own heart!

Hassan: You don’t have a heart.

Rusty: I realized that as I was saying it.

Flint: All you need to know is that them Dynamites, they’re the bad’ns! Rory’s the one who done wronged me! And I’ll never forgive him for it!

Hassan: Rory’s the leader of the Dynamite Bots, correct?

Flint: Yeah, me and him go way back. That cheap waste of metal… (the scene continues to cut back and forth from Flint’s office and Rory’s boat as the two of them reiterate their versions of what happened in the past; we see the past events unfold through still images as the story is told)

(Rory’s boat)

Rory: Flint and I were partners in crime. We met on the inside. We were both serving a stretch at His Majesty’s pleasure.

(Flint’s casino)

Flint: We pulled jobs all over Crankonia. Banks, museums, casinos, you name it. There was no safe we couldn’t crack or security system we couldn’t breach.

(Rory’s boat)

Rory: But there was one bank which no criminal dared go near: The Bank of Grossman. That place was built like a fortress, but we loved a challenge.

(Flint’s casino)

Flint: We were gonna swipe every last nut from that bank and become legends. We were so excited, so revved up and raring to go. That’s when it happened…

Rusty: When what happened?

Flint: The night before the big heist… I’d bought a ring. I was planning to propose to my girlfriend Coco and use my share to the money to give her the dream wedding she always wanted. But when I got to her hotel room I saw them… (shows Flint walking through the hallway of a hotel holding a bouquet of flowers and a jewellery box, he taps on the door to the hotel room but when there’s no answer he looks through the peephole on the door, Coco is in there with Rory, the two of them are kissing each other, Flint drops the bouquet, he looks heartbroken) Betrayed… by the one person I trusted most in the world…

Tamashi: Your girlfriend.

Flint: No! Rory! Obviously!

Tamashi: O-Oh… Right…

(Rory’s boat)

Rory: We were all set to walk away with millions! The night we broken in everything went smoothly, to begin with…

Bolt: What happened?

Rory: (gripping the steering wheel so tight he almost breaks it) He betrayed me! (shows Rory lowering himself into the bank from the glass ceiling with wires) It was his job to turn off the security system! (as Rory’s feet touch the ground alarms start to go off, shutters come down around him and before he knows it he’s surrounded by guards and barking dogs) He’s never failed to deactivate a security system before, that’s how I know! He left them on on purpose! It was a set-up!

Bolt: (shocked) Why would he do that!? How could he do that!?

Rory: He was probably tired of sharing in the glory. He was always sly. Like a snake in the grass.

Bolt: (angry) Why that-! I’m so mad!

(Flint’s casino)

Flint: After finding out the ugly truth, I left in disgust.

Rusty: You didn’t confront them?

Flint: What would be the point? I wasn’t interested in what either of them had to say. I understand the situation perfectly and I knew exactly where I stood. After that I feel into a deep depression. I eventually ended up committing suicide in my apartment amidst a river of pills and vodka, my jazz LPs clogging up the gramophone.

(Rory’s boat)

Rory: They arrested me for 321 counts of armed robbery and I was sent straight to the electric chair. 2,000 volts searing through my circuits… And then they turned it on. I was buried in Whisper County next to my Mom. It’s all-

(Flint’s casino)

Flint: -his fault! He committed the ultimate form of betrayal!

(side split)


(scene: Rory’s boat, Bolt is staring at Rory in awe, still trying to take the story in)

Bolt: (finds his resolve) Rory, you… You’re a real robot! Flint is no better than a… rotten, dirty human!

Fighter: Sir, that story did not compute in the slightest.

Bolt: (ignoring Fighter) I’m going to help you take down the Chainsaw Bandits! I swear it! I can imagine you have trouble trusting others after what you’ve been through, but I promise I won’t let you down!

Rory: Heh! We shall we if you’re dynamite yet, Bolt!

(scene: Flint’s office at the Snake Eyes Casino, Rusty is emotional)

Rusty: That were the saddest story I ever heard! If I were fortunate enuff ta be human I would shed tears in your name, darn it!

Tamashi: (to Hassan) That story didn’t make any sense, especially the ending.

Hassan: Indeed. Still, it was amusing nonetheless.

Rusty: (hops onto the desk) Flint, I may not understand yer ways, but you have meh’ full support in taking down that backstabbing traitor!

Flint: No offense but I don’t see what having a head on my side will do to help. I can handle Rory all by myself. I’m always one step ahead of him, you see.

(scene: Rory’s boat is speeding straight towards the port in front of Flint’s casino)

Rory: Get ready to jump, boys!

Bolt: What!?

Rory: This rig is packed with explosives! Believe me you don’t want to be on board when it goes up!

Bolt: (nervous) …O-Oh, I get it! He’s joking! (to Fighter) Right?

Fighter: (notices that Rory isn’t slowing down as the port gets closer) Sir! (grabs Bolt and flies up into the air as Rory jumps out into the water; the boat goes up a ramp, smashes through the front of the Snake Eyes Casino and explodes in a massive fiery inferno; Tamashi, Hassan and Rusty are all blown back in the office by the blast; Tamashi screams; the entire front of the building collapses)

Bolt: (up above in Fighter’s arms; shocked) What just happened!? (inside, amongst the rubble, Flint comes out of his office which is still standing as Rory jumps out of the river and walks across the street into the remains of the casino floor)

Flint: You bastard! You’re lucky my office walls are made of Crotadium!

Rory: Flint, I believe you have something that belongs to me. Now are you going to hand her over peacefully or do I have to start pulling you apart screw by screw?

To Be Continued…