Renegade Robot 00033 - An Unlikely Rescuer
(Tomas’ Fact File: Next to a picture of Tomas there is a fact file and description about him)

Name: Tomas Freckle

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Tomas is the mayor of the city of Motorcross. He lives in a mansion concealed inside a giant bubble dome which circulates fresh clean air to protect him from the pollution and smog of the city factories. Tomas has the mental capacity of a child and spends his time playing with dolls and chasing butterflies, which begs the question as to how he made it to such a high position in the first place. He is easily manipulated by his aide Ollar, the true mastermind behind all of his political decisions, and who harbours secret malicious intentions towards the mayor.

(scene: a dark room at the very base of the spacecraft, the blade of Al’s sword is sticking up through the floor, gunshots can be heard from the other side and puncture marks are being made by bullets on the metal plate, after it’s weakened Al kicks it in, creating a hole which is crawls through, it’s a struggle as the newly opened exit sucks some of the air out of the compartment and he has to pull his sword out of the metal as he climbs in, he turns back and looks through the hole, they’re high above the clouds and the crop circles are barely visible, from above the entire cornfield can be seen, showing one large circle with four smaller ones above it making it look like a paw print)

Al: (thinking) At least we haven’t left Earth’s orbit. Yet… (walks around as his eyes start to adjust to the darkness, he’s surrounded by cages, he begins to notice that they all contain different types of aliens, one is a giant squid-like monster inside a large vat of water, another a yeti type beast with spiral horns, while another resembles a mosquito with a human figure; Al is becoming more and more uncomfortable as the aliens cast their gaze upon him)

Al: What is this place…?

???: Hey! Hey buddy! (Al looks around) Over here! (he looks over to see one of the caged aliens beckoning him over, it has a human form but its skin is grey with spikes all over his body, long horns and a tail, he’s wearing tattered black jeans; Al walks over) How’d you get out of your cage?

Al: You speak human?

Mordikai: Never mind that! Be a pal and get me out of here, would ya? (Al takes out his PSD and brings up a photo of himself getting licked by Cerberus on a grassy field, in the photo Al is lacking his eyepatch and looks a few years younger, he also looks very happy in the photo and that it has clearly been taken by another person)

Al: Have you seen this Doberman? (Mordikai takes a close look at the photo)

Mordikai: Doberman? You mean this mutt in the photo?

Al: (puts his PSD away) Forget it. (walks away)

Mordikai: W-Wait! O-On second thoughts, I did see it! (Al stops and looks back) Yeah! A big black dog like that was definitely brought through here!

Al: You’re lying.

Mordikai: I’m not! Just bust me outta here and I’ll take you straight to him! And all of these guys too. (Al just walks away) Hey! You’re cold, man! How can you just leave us here? We’re all gonna be executed! Are you fine with having all our deaths on your conscience!? (Al ignores him and leaves the room) Crud… (Al peers through a door into a hallway as two Canisians walk by)

Al: (thinking) This is getting grim. I have no idea where Cerberus is, and I’m on a ship surrounded by enemies with no means of escape. And on top of that, it doesn’t look like my weapons will be effective against those aliens’ armour. (suddenly notices something on the floor leading down another hallway, it’s a trail of urine) Cerberus…? (grins) Smart boy! (goes out into the hallway and starts to follow the trail of urine when he suddenly walks face first into an invisible wall, the vibrations from which set off the alarms) What!? (feeling the wall) A barrier!? (before he knows it he’s surrounded by Canisians all aiming extra-terrestrial guns at him, Al, reluctantly admitting to himself that he’s backed into a corner, drops his gun and his sword before putting his hands in the air, the Canisians then proceed to tackle him to the ground and subdue him before dragging him away)

(scene: the alien spacecraft, Vinyl is lying on the operating table as the Canisians tinkers around inside her chest, Bolt and Cage watch from their cell)

Vinyl: Why are you doing this? Please stop.

Bolt: (shaking on the bars) Leave her alone! You’ll pay for this! Darn it Vinyl, why aren’t you fighting back!? They’re not restraining you or anything!

Cage: If I remember correctly, Pleasurebots are the most submissive robots of all. Well, except for the BDSM model.

Bolt: Nuts! How can I get her to…? (has a brainwave) I know! Vinyl! I think Mr. Baxter should be at Rotors by now!

Vinyl: (looks over) Mr. Baxter?

Bolt: Yeah! Let’s get out of here and go see him!

Vinyl: (tries to get up) That’s right… I have to go… to Rotors… (the Canisians attempt to restrain her) Get off me! (pushes them away) I have to go!

Canisian: Shcakmarakbach! (Vinyl gasps before collapsing back onto the table)

Vinyl: (powering down) Mr. Bax… (deactivates)

Bolt: VINYL!!! (turns to Cage) What did they do!? Vinyl’s been deactivated! I thought that only happened when someone clapped three times.

Cage: (shrugs) I dunno. They must’ve discovered an alternative method through dismantling other robots. Hang on, how come you’re still active?

Bolt: (ignoring Cage) Nuts! What should I do? I feel so powerless…

(scene: a tiny empty cell somewhere deep on the ship, the door opens and two Canisians throw Al in there, they’ve confiscated his weapons, they close the door locking him in before Al can scramble to his feet and turn around, he bangs on the door, gritting his teeth together as he seethes)

(scene: a small laboratory somewhere in the depths of the spacecraft, Cerberus is lying on an operating table, he appears to be in a delirious state, there are two Canisians standing each side of the table, one of them gentle strokes his head, the other one looks up at his fellow Canisians and nods, the first Canisian takes out a syringe and injects something into Cerberus’s thigh, Cerberus whimpers and tenses up as he feels the prick of the needle, he opens his eyes slightly and looks up at the two Canisians, he begins to hallucinate, his vision becomes blurred and the entire room starts to warp as strange patterns appear and images flash through his mind before he eventually passes out, the Canisian removed the syringe and softly strokes Cerberus’s head once more)

(scene: the operating room where Bolt and Cage are caged up, the two Canisians are still taking Vinyl apart, they remove some circuitry from her body)

Bolt: Hey! What’re you doing!? She might need that! Put it back! (they ignore him; one of them uses some copper wire connect something inside her chest) Take your hands out of her chest you freaking pervert! (one of the Canisians walks over to the cage and stands in front of Bolt; nervous) W-What? Y-You wanna fight? B-Bring it on! But be careful, I break easily.

Canisian: Shcakmarakbach!

Bolt: (offended) What did you just call me!? (the Canisian looks to his comrade with confusion before turning back to Bolt)

Canisian: Shcakmarakbach!

Bolt: Don’t shout at me in your weird alien language! (the Canisians start talking between themselves; to Cage) Hey, translate for me, would ya?

Cage: They’re talking too fast. I can only make out the odd word here and there.

Bolt: Like what?

Cage: Uhm… Maintenancebot… (Bolt looks wary) Dismantle… (Bolt looks nervous) Demolish… (Bolt looks terrified; a hatch suddenly opens on the wall at the back of the cage and Tamashi slides town a shoot into it landing on top of Cage)

Bolt: (surprised) Tamashi, you got abducted too?

Tamashi: (looks up) Bolt! I’m so glad you’re okay.

Cage: (feeling Tamashi’s chest pressed against his face) Great, another dude…

Tamashi: (looks down) Hmm? (see Cage) AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! (jumps off) Your… Your… Your… YOUR EYES!!! A MONSTER!

Cage: That’s mean! I’d cry if I still had my tear ducts!

Bolt: Never mind that, Tamashi! Hurry up and reactivate Vinyl!

Tamashi: Vinyl? (sees Vinyl being dismantled across the room; goes over to the bars) Leave it to me. (clicks her fingers three times but nothing happens) Huh? (clicks three times again)

Bolt: Why isn’t it working?

Tamashi: I don’t know. Did they use the Clapdrop on her?

Bolt: No, they said some weird word like “Shish Kabob”, I dunno.

Tamashi: What!? (two more Canisians enter the room wheeling in the deactivated Fighter and Rory on stretchers)

Bolt: Fighter! Rory!

Tamashi: Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you about that…

Bolt: What are you waiting for? Reactivate them!

Tamashi: I already tried. They weren’t deactivated using the Clapdrop technique.

Bolt: I don’t understand.

Cage: It seems the Canisians have found an alternative means of deactivating robots, something which even clicking your fingers can’t counteract, as if that were possible. (clicks his fingers three times and bobs his head)

Bolt: This is no time to act sassy! (turns back to Vinyl and the others) Does that mean they’ll be deactivated forever?

Tamashi: I’m sure if they have a trigger word to deactivate them they have a trigger word for reactivating them too. (the Canisians all approach the cage)

Bolt: Oh nuts, what’s happening now? (one of the Canisians pulls out and gun and shoots a bolt of electricity at Bolt; the sparks and waves travel through his body causing him to collapse and convulse, he screams in agony as he writhes on the floor, the shockwaves knock Tamashi to the back of the cage)

Tamashi: Bolt! (to the Canisians) You monsters! What did you do!? (eventually Bolt stops convulsing and lies there motionless)

Bolt: (his voice has gone soft and low) I… I can’t move… (the Canisians open the gate to the cage and walk inside, keeping their guns on Tamashi and Cage and they lift Bolt up like a sack of bricks) Take your hand off me, you jerkfaces…

Tamashi: (stands up) Bolt! (the Canisian points his gun directly at her face and she backs down frustrated; they strap Bolt, standing upright, into a machine in the far corning of the room and leaves Fighter, Rory and Vinyl unattended)

Bolt: What are you doing to me… I’m gonna… You’re all gonna pay… (one of the Canisians pulls a leave and an electronic drill lowers from the ceiling facing directly at Bolt, Tamashi crawls up to the bars and looks on in horror as it powers up, Bolt is completely helpless as the drill begins to move slowly towards his chest as the Canisians stand around watching and taking notes; Bolt is too subdued from the shock to react with any semblance of passion) No… I can’t die like this… I’m the Rene… I’m the Renegade… (the drill is only inches away from making contact)

Tamashi: (trembling) No… (is suddenly alerted to the creaking bars to her right, all the Canisians in the room are too pre-occupied with Bolt to notice, she turns her head and is shocked by who she sees)

Rusty: A’ve come ta rescue ya. (Rusty is standing in the doorway to Al’s cell, the door is wide open, Al just stands there giving the head a cold icy stare; eventually he walks out, stepping over Rusty and starts walking down the hallway; hopping after him) I were able ta sneak into the control room ‘n shut down all power in this part of the craft. (Al ignores him) It is truly an honour to be of help to a member of the glorious human race. (Al stops) If ya need anyfing else, please don’t hesitate ta ask meh. (Al lows down at Rusty, there is disgust and repulsion in his eyes and even though Rusty can sense this, there is nothing but loyalty and admiration in his)

Al: (thinking) Even if you take away their bodies robots continue to exist in this undignified state. If Cerberus wasn’t in trouble I would never accept the aid of robot, let alone a pathetic and unworthy one like this. (walks away)

Rusty: (hops after him) I could lead ya to the control room if ya like. (Al turns around and goes to kick Rusty; without even flinching) I has cameras showing every room on the ship. (Al stops before he kicks him and stares a Rusty for a while with his foot still off the ground, Rusty doesn’t even flinch or react)

Al: (looks around to make sure they’re alone before replying) …Take me there.

(scene: back in the operating room, Tamashi is looking up at the person to her right)

Tamashi: What are you doing…? (the person is Cage, he’s pulling the bars open with his bare hands, his biceps are suddenly much bigger than they were before)

Cage: (finishes pulling them open) I was just waiting for the right moment.

Tamashi: I don’t understand.

Cage: Trust me. It’s better if you don’t. (Tamashi watches as he brazenly steps through the bars and out into the room, the Canisians still haven’t noticed)

Bolt: No… Noooo… (the drill makes contact with his chest, as it does Cage puts his hand on the shoulder of the Canisian at the back of the group, and as he turns his head Cage delivers a punch directly in his face, smashing the lenses of his gasmask and sending him flying into the controls of the drill machine, all the Canisians turn around in shock, the drill powers down leaving only a small scratch on Bolt’s chest; the Canisians quickly surround Cage)

Cage: I’m sorry to do this to you guys, but I have my orders. Today my six month long mission must come to an end…

To Be Continued…