Renew Magazine Launches!
Renew Magazine is a brand new online magazine seeking to shift the narrative on mental health. We offer premium content on issues surrounding the current mental health crisis. 

We believe we are being called to provide a platform for those quiet voices who might otherwise find themselves being drowned out by the deafening noise of our opinion-saturated culture. 

We want to open up a raw and honest dialogue on mental health and shift the narrative from one of stigma and misinformation to openness, fact-based research, and the testimony of personal experience. 

We want to hear from those on the frontline of mental health advocacy and medical treatment as we seek to explore, articulate and advise on the complexities and challenges of living with a mental health issue.

We want to give voice to the stories of recovery, we want to champion treatment, embrace social justice, and come alongside those who are still in the midst of emotional turmoil. 

At Renew Magazine, our aim is to develop a compelling, encouraging and open community for those who are navigating through personal battles. Renew Magazine seeks to pioneer a collective of passionate advocates, candid writers, and committed justice-seekers.