Here's another older sketch for Throwback Thursday. While I sometimes will think up some small detail and other related ideas will flow from it one after another, as the case with the dwarves' tattoos mentioned earlier, other times and idea will come out of nowhere. Renthas was a character I dreamed up one night and I mean he literally came from a dream. He has no recollection of his earlier life and no one knows anything about him, but he is taken in by the Elvish paladins as he seems to be a natural with a sword.

One night while complaining to a friend of not having a major enemy or cause(what are heroes without something to battle?), I said maybe something like this could happen, then this, and then... And I had figured out the primary conflict in 5 minutes of complaining about not having anything.

Other ideas come from seemingly unrelated events. Last night at 3:30am as I was watching the Perseid meteor shower I got the idea for my secondary conflict.

You never know where ideas will come from, but you have to be paying attention when the first little sparks ignite.