Replace - (for replacing vehicles/bikes/planes)

Replace - (for replacing vehicles/bikes/planes)




*Open IV


Base folder for all your "replace" vehicles/bikes/planes. So instead of copying different archives to

your mods folder just to replace a vehicle/bike/plane, 

you can now drop all replaced vehicles here, (much easier)!!

Folder comes with "Vehicles.rpf" (for vehicle/bike/plane files), "Vehicle_mods.rpf" (For vehicle/bike/plane mods), "Vehshare.rpf".


1. Open Gta5 directory, create new folder, name it "mods". 

2. Copy "Update" folder and paste inside "mods" folder.

3. Go to "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks" and place the "replace" folder here.

4. Open "Open IV", make sure you have "Edit Mode" on.

5. Go to "update/update.rpf/common/data/" (Select Copy to mods folder at top)

6. Right click on "dlclist.xml" and add this line after the last item line: <Item>dlcpacks:/replace/</Item>

7. Click "save". Done!

How to use:

Drag all vehicles/bikes/planes files you want to replace and drop them into "vehicles.rpf".

When in game use trainer to spawn vehicles/bikes/planes you have replaced.


Download a trainer/mod menu where you can spawn cars to spawn your replaced cars in game.


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