replace rear hub assembly 04 toyota corolla
On this weeks edition of BS with AJ I show you how to remove and replace a rear hub assembly on a 2004 Toyota Corolla. The main reason I made this video is because I couldn't find a good video of how to do it, they were all either too shaky or didn't really help much. I hope mine is helpful to those who end up searching for similar videos. Tools that are required are, a floor jack or another jack to get the rear of the car elevated enough to remove the tire. A 4 way or similar tool to remove the lug nuts from the tire. A hammer and screwdriver to assist in removing both the drum and the hub assembly its self. And a 12mm wrench or socket with a ratchet. Its not near as hard as I originally though it would be. simply jack up the car, and put a jack stand under it to keep it from falling. remove the tire, then remove the drum (you may have to use a hammer to break it loose. once the drum is removed you can see the rear hub assembly along with the drum break system. You do not have to remove any of the springs or the shoes to remove the hub assembly, but you may want to change the shoes and springs if they are in bad condition, which is what I did after I finished the video. there are 4 bolts holding the hub assembly in place, remove the with a 12mm wrench or socket with a ratchet. once removed you may have to pry out the hub assembly. The simply put the new hub assembly in place and put it all back together. I hope this video helped you, if you have any questions or ideas for other videos feel free to leave a comment. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe. And consider supporting BS with AJ on Patreon, just follow the link below. 

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