Reply to Felfop Returns - Censorship & Custody
Everybody gets one!

(the montage of our furry kids is in response to the montage of his non-furry kid that he put in his reply)

If your comments disappear off the comment's section, one of three things could have happened.

Either your comment got swallowed up by the spam filter -- especially if it included links.

It's entirely possible one of our moderators got over-zealous.

It's also entirely possible you got banned for perfectly legit reasons.

And scanning the block list, you were indeed on it.

Yes, in this perfect storm of youtube comments warfare, one antagonist off the field is perfectly fine by us

We really love when you spoiled fucks make allusions to Orwell or some shit. You wouldn't know totalitarianism if it butchered your families and locked you in a gulag).

If you want to make damn sure we see your comments, make them in video form as that plays to our ego quite a bit more.

If it's just a series of slurs (as has already been done) consider yourself beneath response. We'll make an exception just because your kid is a darling.

When it comes to child custody; this is again a function of the gender stereotypes which put primary responsibility for child-rearing on women. If you want to change this you should support feminism. When the courts are involved however that changes and men are actually more likely to be awarded at least joint custody:

And remember this is our channel - we don't owe you shit.

You want to have a voice? Make a reply video. Simple as that.

We like to have some quality control in our comments section.

Again: We. Don't. Owe. You. Shit.

Everybody gets One (1) comment. If it sucks? You're fucking gone.

You people are like

"What do we want!?"

"Free Speech!"

"Where do we want it!?"

"In the comments section!"

You're fucking jokes.



Happy Christmas.

Video he was replying to:

Felfop's response video: