Report 005 - Terra Firma
Saying that Ms. Sauveterre is passionate about her realm of study [see Rocks of all Kinds] would be a huge disservice to the unbridled zeal she emits. Eager to smile and disarmingly approachable are the best way to describe her, despite her limited range of conversational subject matter. Big Rocks, Little Rocks, Old Rocks, New Rocks, Floaty Rocks, Shiny Rocks, Pebbles… you get the idea. Another inescapable subject that has been making the rounds are her eyes. ‘Carmine Orbs’ as she called them, but I’ve heard less flattering terms being thrown around. She gave me a pretty candid rundown of their attributes: Horrendously poor eyesight in what we call the visual spectrum, but with an increased range into UV and infrared. She wears an amazingly sophisticated set of corrective eyewear that allows her to flip in various polarized lenses at a whim for what she called ‘added coolness effects’. Fascinating genetics aside, she’s a doctorate researcher at the Nova Lutetia Institute. Funded directly by the department of geology, her goal is to further her research on Galileum and other gravity defying matter. An expedition to the source of it all, is more than ideal for her. Her Institutional Pedigree is impressive and makes me want to crawl under a… for lack of a better word, rock.
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