REPORT: Depression Quest Sequel Confirmed
In a new development, Zoë Quinn„ indie developer and focal point of one of the biggest events of gaming journalism in 2014, has confirmed a sequel earlier today for her game, Depression Quest. "I’m going with a new direction with this game. I’m calling it Oppression Questand I really think this is the kind of game that NEEDS to be shared with the rest of the world” said Quinn. Here are some features confirmed to be in the game * Selectable gender and gender pronouns, race, sexuality, etc. * Meet up with other gaming figures like Anita Sarkeesian, Phil Fish and others * Fight off doxxing, harassing Twitter comments and leaked nudes * Various gaming tropes against women to be examined and critiqued * Final boss to be the Patriarchy with a horde of angry gamers When asked where her inspiration came from, Quinn highlighted the recent controversy that has been all over gaming and social media. "People are losing their shit over everything. It just seems right to capitalize on that anger and antagonize them to be angrier. If people can do it online, I can do it with games." "This project will be on Kickstarter so go and get your friends to help fund it. I know I will!" said Quinn. Look for the game to release sometime after this s**tstorm blows over -TACO NEWS: Isn’t Critical Distance