I've been hunting for places to share my music over the last year,  and have found many great places to share my stuff. A new website  recently popped up by the creators of another website I had been using  since they began; I even helped out with their app while it was in beta  mode and have been friendly with the owners of the website for a while  now.

This place isn't a hoax or any form of scam. It's a place  where if you continuously share other people's tracks, you gain points  that allow you to start a campaign with one of your tracks so you can  get the same; have people repost, like and follow your Soundcloud  tracks. It's completely free to use, with the option of buying extra  points if you want your tracks to reach higher amounts of people at a  time.

Sign up through my  link here, and help me gain credits to share my music; if you sign up,  you'll get a special link to do the same too, which means you could earn  extra credits to share your music as well! - I hope this helps for any  small time Artists about, this is a great way to get a little more  recognition, which could potentially help you reach thousands of people!