Alrighty, I've managed to repost all of the messed up posts from May 2016 and have obviously started on the June 2016 posts and have managed to catch up the point where I was supposed to be in the reposts if I hadn't lost a week, so I'm going to drop the posts down to no more than ten in a day and they'll run from 8 AM to 6PM Mon through Fri. Tonight's posts will actually cut off at eight because I don't want to split the next repost group between the weekend.

I'm also not going to be scheduling any reposts for weekends (in case that wasn't obvious) so I can give myself a break from the constant double checking to make certain everything posts as scheduled. I will, however, be posting new stuff on the weekends along with the occasional new post during the week. 

Future rewards outside of the ones that are set for specific dates will be posted on weekends as well and I'll try to post at least one reward per weekend with the tier the reward is geared to alternating. It'll depend on numbers and stuff though. This weekend, you can expect another Scene Cut to be posted in addition to the intro/prologue for Out of the Ashes which will be a two-part reward and the story preview I promised. 

I think that covers everything I wanted to say. If not, I'll post another note to cover what I missed later.