The Repurposing Center (public) 0.3.15(a)

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new weekly (attempted at least) public build. This current build is currently at 831,547 words, and 1395 passages, so  over 50k new words since the last update (and a decent lump of code & images). First though, sorry for how long this took. Going into it I didn't expect it to take so long to work in so many new items, overhauls of the appearance system, and stores to manage it all. Annoyingly, because of the how I tried to tackle the problem, until I finished things up earlier today the build was literally unplayable, and would have borked up save files if I'd have put out earlier alpha's. On top of which I messed my wrist up which set things back further. The upside of all this though, is that the new build comprises of a lot of new content.  So, with all that's said, let's get to the new build ^_^ 

The main content is; 4 New shops, Neckwear, Updates to boobs and cocks, And a whole truckload of new images.

1/ 4 New shops - The game now includes 4 new stores; All That Glitters (an accessories store), Planet Orgasmos (a sex toy and sex-wear store), Kitten Caboodle (a pet-play store), and Dollz (a club-wear and feminie clothing store). To go along with this there are new NPC's to run them; Wyatt the frustrated robot, Khloe the overtly sexual Sex-Cadet (check out the stores to find out more), Skyler the embarrassed new store worker (dressed as a kitten), and Willow the distant dreamy raver. On top of that there's of course a whole host of new clothing (including the polled bimbo/club-wear set), underwear, plugs, hair accessories, and most importantly neckwear.

2/ Neckwear - Neckwear finally exists, get yourself collars, ties, neck ribbons, and all sorts of other cute items to wear around your neck. Various of the new stores now sell neckwear, which can be worn from the players wardrobe, and viewed in the examine window. This system has also been built with neckwear locking in mind (for locked collars mostly - something I'll approach more in the future).

3/ Updates to boobs and cocks - Boobs and cocks have seen a big update, with the amount of size categories on boobs doubled, with cocks also now having a higher size cap. Further, on top of updating the scenes to cope with this throughout the game, optional balls have also been included, balls also have size categories that can become quite sizable. 

Warning - Balls are new, so old saves will not update you into having them. You can, however, still get them from the clinic without issue.

4/ Images - So many images! 21 items of neckwear, 2 new hair accessory images, 11 underwear (and related) images, 28 outfit images, and 4 new store logos. This was a lot of editing, but the host of new immersive options this opens up for players is always worth it.

Other additions include; A lot of bug fixes, especially to the hair content and some of the clothing content, and one new (commissioned) ABDL themed TV show.

Open Commission Slots:

- 1 x Facility Superstar ($50 tier)

Change Log:

- (Polled) Collars/Neckwear update - the game now features a selection of purchasable neckwear for the player to access in the game, along with images to go along with it. Neckwear can be found dispersed across multiple shop inventories.

- (Polled) Bimbo/Club-wear update - the polled selection of club-wear and hyper girly clothing have been added to the game, totalling 19 outfits of that theme, placed into an all new store (more details below).

- Planet Orgasmos (Sex Toy and Sex Accessories Store) - the first of the new stores is 'Planet Orgasmos' a retro sci-fi themed sex items store. Manned by Khloe, a flirty and overtly sexual pink-haired Sex-Cadet (talk to her to find more about that), the store currently sells a selection of; collars, butt plugs, underwear, and outfits.

- Planet Orgasmos first time encounter.

- Planet Orgasmos stock page, complete with purchase options and examine options (on all clothing and underwear).

- All That Glitters (Accessories Store) - the second of the new stores is 'All That Glitters' a light and clean pretty standard accessories store. Manned by Wyatt, a robotic man controlled by a super intelligent AI who just wants to be doing anything other than working retail, the store currently sells a selection of; neckwear, and hair accessories.

- All That Glitters first time encounter.

- All That Glitters stock page, complete with purchase options.

- Kitten Caboodle (Pet-Play Items Store) - the third of the new stores is 'Kitten Caboodle' a light and airy pet-store style establishment that sells both pet-play accessories and items, along with pet-slaves themselves. Manned by Skyler, an incredibly embarrassed new-girl who didn't understand what her uniform would be, the store currently sells a selection of; neckwear, butt plugs, hair accessories, and outfits.

- Kitten Caboodle first time encounter.

- Kitten Caboodle stock page, complete with purchase options and examine options for butt plugs and outfits.

- Dollz (Club-wear/Feminine Clothing Store - the last of the new stores is 'Dollz' an open front fashion store that looks more like a strip club at a glance. Manned by Willow, a dreamy vague rave girl, the store sells a huge selection of clothing.

- Dollz first time encounter.

- Dollz stock page, complete with purchase options and examine options for the clothing.

- Breast size maximum has been massively increased, allowing for almost double the range of sizes as previously. Further, an additional line of explanation will feature in the examine window for super-sized breasts.

- Cock size maximum has also been dramatically increased, allowing for equally supersized cocks. (Suggested by CowTits) 

- Players now have balls (if they want to)! Testicles are now optional for players, a request I've had for some time from herm content fans. Players can add or remove balls in the clinic.  (Suggested by CowTits) 

- Balls now have sizes too. These sizes can be changed through the clinic. (Suggested by CowTits)

- (Commission) Molly TV ABDL: Episode 1 - as part of an ongoing series of commissions, the first part features Molly being followed around the nursery as if she was in a nature documentary. Found in both the ABDL job and the TV furniture item if player has diaper content enabled.

- Neckwear now has a wardrobe section dedicated to it, allowing you to look at your collection and select what to wear.

- Neckwear is now featured in the players description within the examine window.

- Preliminary code for neckwear and neckwear locking has been implemented.

- Preliminary code for chastity wear has also been implemented.

- The image for your hair accessory when examining yourself will now properly appear.

- Updates to various existing scenes to factor in the new breasts, balls and cock sizes.

- Price bug fixed on Denim Shorts With No Top.

- Fix to various shop outfit examine views.

- New plug and pet-play categories for underwear type.

- New pet-play outfit type.

- Cow Pattern Overalls have been reclassified as a Pet-Play type outfit.

- 9 new items of underwear.

- 28 new outfits. 

- All That Glitters store logo image.

- Planet Orgasmos store logo image.

- Kitten Caboodle store logo image.

- Dollz store logo image.

- 9 new underwear images (+2 chastity images).

- 28 new outfit images.

- A few minor bug fixes  

Hope you have fun :)  

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